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Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's Humbug! And They've Got Sagan!

Hey all. I know that I said I was done until next year, but the new Skeptic's Circle is up over at Humbug Online and it's a good one. A (pseudo) Tribute to Carl Sagan with what looks like a TON of great posts to slog through over the Solstice/Christmas/Hannukkah/Kwanzaa/Saturnalia/Auxillary Holidays.

Enjoy and be safe.

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At 24/12/06 6:03 am, Anonymous Sean Kehoe said...

I've been following the blog events and it's reassuring to see him being remembered by so many people.

I noticed this story on Randi's site that will give you a laugh.

The Holy Tree Stump(tm)

The Life of Brian isn't funny anymore, real-life has become far more absurd, despite the best efforts of people like Sagan.

At 24/12/06 8:31 am, Blogger vjack said...

Excellent! Something to read until carnival of the godless goes up.


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