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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh My God! They Beat Up Rosa Parks!

There's this woman named Miriam Shear who's on a bus in Jerusalem. She's going to pray at the Western Wall and she's sitting in the front of a public bus. A group of Haredi (or Super Mega Orthodox Jews) men get on and tell her to move to the back of the bus where the "woman's area" is. She tells them, politely, to get fucked. So they do what any group of devoutly religious men would do under these circumstances.

They beat the shit out of her.

Shears is a woman who lives in Canada and was on a five-week vacation to Jerusalem where she was praying and doing all the stuff good Jews do. She failed to realize, however, that the DeLorean had reached 88mph and the 1.21 jigawatts were generated landing her right square in the middle of 19-fucking-55.

Now, how do a group of men kick the crap out of a woman on a public bus - one not segrated for bigoted, misogynistic religious use - and not get turned in by the other passengers? Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, most everyone on the bus thought it was Shears' fault that the whole incident happened for not having sechel ("common sense") and moving her ass to the back of the bus.

Well just drop the "R"-bomb and everything is allowed. Women should enter and sit in the back of the bus, not even approaching the front to pay? It's ok, it's religion. Women should give up their seat to a man? That's ok, it's religious. Women should be forced to be as shapeless and sexless as Cousin It? Kool and the Gang, 'cause it's religion, man!

I realize that I'm judging Hard-Core, Ball-Bustin' Judaism with my heathenous, dastardly, Western values. Perhaps that isn't fair, but when I see a little girl mutilated by infibulation because she reached puberty, I get pissed. Is that ok because it's religious? Fuck no and pretty much everyone thinks the same. So why is it ok to make half the population less than worthwhile? Well, the simple answer is that it isn't, regardless of where in the world you are. Here in Canada or over in Jerusalem, religion is retarded and it boggles my mind why women like Ms. Shears stay in an organization that fosters beliefs and actions like those displayed by the douchebags that beat her like Drago did Creed.

Sure, "real" Judaism isn't like that and they weren't expressing "true" Jewish beliefs. But they were, and that's the problem. I'm all for people believing what they want and in the article, it's mentioned that those ringlet-havin' dipshits could hire their own charter buses or petition the city to have clearly marked buses expressly for the purpose of furthering their stupid, out-dated, woman-hating religious ideology. Until then, however, they have to put up with (gasp!) strong-willed women who will tell them to "go take a fucking suck on a lead menorah".

Women should leave religions. Then men should leave religions. Then we should all watch Back to the Future together at a huge pajama party!

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At 22/12/06 3:18 am, Anonymous Tina said...

Yay! Back to the Future!

At 22/12/06 2:01 pm, Anonymous Sean Kehoe said...

In fairness, those guys were showing exactly the same level of compassion and reason that Yahweh has shown throughout the Old Testament.

What's more troubling though is not just that a small group of crazies beat her up, the worst thing is that the occupants on the bus seem to have agreed with it. Only one person, according to the story, came to her aid.


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