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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Feeling The News At Dinesh D'Souza

I’ve taken Dinesh D'Souza to task previously for being...well, for being a fucking dumbass, basically. He was on The Colbert Report recently and Stephen was asking him about his new book (which says that the American "Left" was responsible, or at least implicitly involved in the 9/11 attacks) when the topic of homosexuality came up with respect to how the fundamentalist Muslims view the U.S.A.:
D’Souza: There is a difference between something that is allowed or tolerated and something that is seen as given social sanction…that’s what I think makes a lot of traditional Muslims uneasy. Here’s all I’m saying: why don’t we show them a little more of the traditional America, that will undermine bin Laden’s argument that we’re all a bunch of atheists, that will undermine bin Laden’s idea that America is trying to project….

Colbert: So what other cultural editing notes should we take from the terrorists?

Ok, first of all, Colbert is fucking hilarious to interrupt and ask that question. Secondly, why in the name of Allah's Holy Peenoss would we want to make "traditional Muslims" comfortable? If homosexual people make fundie Muslims/Christians/Jews/whatevers "uneasy", I'd like you to let me know why the fuck I should care? You know what makes me "uneasy"? Traditional Muslims and Fundie Christians/Jews/Whatevers. Are they going to chill out for my comfort? I believe the one and only correct answer to that question is ", and while you're at it, Mike, howzabout you go fuck yourself?"

Basically D'Souza is saying that we should placate bin Laden and others like him, you know, show him that we (I'm using the all-inclusive North American "we") are sorta like him. Once bin Laden and his completely rational army of Paradise-living-virgin-desiring, self-assploding, fundie douchebags understand that we share some common values (such as hating fags), then he might think twice about knocking down more buildings. See? Come together under the common tent of religious traditional hatreds.

What an idiot.

(hat-tip to the continuously fabulous and topical One Good Move)

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At 18/1/07 12:50 pm, Anonymous Butch said...

I saw this last night and had much the same reaction. I was dumbfounded that any adult could listen to what this guy was saying and actually think it sounded good.

Of course the “we’re all a bunch of atheists” line pissed me off as well. Like embarrassing reasonableness and open-mindedness is something to be ashamed of. Asshat.

At 19/1/07 1:34 pm, Blogger salomedesade said...

"To defeat the terrorists, we must become like the terrorists" is the crux of his argument. It just reinforces my belief that the only reason the far right in America hates the Arab terrorists is because they've managed to beat them at their own sexist, prejudiced, prudish theocratic game.
Colbert's response was hilarious, and put the asshole in his place.


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