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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Creationists Came - The Final Chapter

I dislike Dave Hunt.

After the friendly minister from a local church tried to chat me up during the second break (using Pascal's Wager, guilt, and a wide variety of other techniques), I entered Hunt's talk about 10 minutes late. This was the second of his lectures I tasted as he had done one the previous evening that contained the memorable line, "...what good is part of an eye?!" Yeah. Needless to say, I didn't expect too much.

Again, he managed to lower the bar. I mentioned in the last episode that he turned this bible meeting into a Clan rally and that's not much of an understatement. He began by saying that Satan owns this world. We are all sinners, we're bad, we're horrible...blah blah blah. Standard religion stuff. He's one of those speakers who almost pleads with his audience to believe him. He says, "ok?" and "alright? a lot at the end of his sentences with rising intonation - which gets rather annoying after an hour.

He mentioned UN resolution 181, The Partition of the Land and how it was a bad thing, see, 'cause "Palestine" isn't a country! In the Bible it's the land of Canaan! Ok? Alright? There's no such place as "Palestine"!

What a douchebag.

He said some vague thing about God being angry because no one would save Jews. No one bought Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust to save them from death for $2 a head. I haven't seen that figure, but I have read a bargaining process describe going from two hundred dollars per person to a final price of a thousand. A group of just over 1500 people supposedly made it safety in Switzerland for that price. As Gil Grissom would say, "cite your source." Plus, if "God" was so pissy, why didn't HE save anyone? Lazy-ass motherfucker....

He got a real hard-on for hating Muslims at this point and said that Islam is out to "wipe out all the Jews". He kept repeating that "Palestine" isn't an Arab place and that Jews can be "Palestinian", but it was really Canaan. He said that there, "...never was a Palestine..." and that it is a "fraud", much like the intellectual honesty displayed by the present speakers.

He said, "They (Arabs) lie, they change their tune." Fuck, this was an old man angry as hell at a religion not his own seemingly making headway in the world. Now, I'm no fan of Islam (or any religion), but if you want to believe in the whole "Winged Horse" bullshit, fill your boots. Just stay the fuck away from me with it. Same goes for Hunt (you may, at this point, say that I attended his lecture and as such he didn't come to me - well fuck you because the flyer in the newspaper advertising the talks said "Dear Skeptic", and that's me).

Ok, so then he said a bunch of shit about the people there not "speaking up" or writing letters to their newspapers (about Muslims, I guess), about Sudan following Sharia law and as such are slaughtering Black farmers (which, I guess has nothing to do with the quest for power by Sudan's leaders, taking the black farmer's land, or just buck-wild craziness), and about not being able to walk the street in Saudia Arabia with a bible or you'll get thrown in jail(!).

Along the same lines, there was the "we allow these people to come here and take part in our freedoms and they're planning in their mosques to blow us up" bit, which was answered in the crowd by at least one "That's right!". It was then that I hastened to leave. As I said, I'm no fan of religions, but once you go from twisting facts and gross mis-understandings to using that ignorance to foster hatred and...well, outright violence, that's the stopping point. And that's the entire problem I have with religion in a nutshell. Ignorance equalling violence against "these people" who have no beef with you at all based totally on a RETARDED assumption about a Man in the Sky.

Hunt said on numerous occasions during both his talks, "I'm just trying to use a little common sense here". The problem with "common" sense is that it's often outright wrong. When you read PZ's article in Seed Magazine about the eyeless cavefish, initially you may think, "Hm, these fish live in a dark environment and as such don't need eyes, therefore natural selection worked to eliminate a useless feature - makes sense." Well, I was certainly wrong and the answer is so much cooler - but definitely not common sense. Hunt's version of "common sense" is sort of like a drunken, 8 year-old kid with Down's Syndrome pontificating about Black Holes - he just makes shit up.

I'm glad that Dave Hunt is old. The other guys at this lecture series seemed ok (although Bruce Malone is incredibly stupid or ignorant or both and he took on a snarky assholic tone when confronted, so he's probably a douchebag), but Hunt is a whackjob. He's like Grandpa Simpson only way more hateful and not quite so yellow.

I was glad I went to these talks because I rant and rave about these weirdos all the time and call them names. It wouldn't be honest of me to keep doing so unless I showed up and saw them doing and saying the stupid shit they are always accused of doing and saying - and now I have, so...

FUCK ME! I have never in my LIFE seen so much complete and utter BULLSHIT foisted on an ignorant crowd of believers under the pretense of answering questions from "skeptics". The level of inquiry was sub... It was sub... Fuck, it wasn't even CLOSE to what I'd expect of a kid's school project in fucking grade NINE! I literally spent no more than an hour doing research for all three of these posts and the claims made by these idiots were completely answered and rebutted. I could take a chicken by the fucking legs and smash its head into a wall for seven minutes and when I was done, the chicken would make more sense than Bruce fucking Malone.

I don't think we have to worry about these retards getting much done politically, but I'll be damned if I won't be there to ask more questions if/when they come back - and next time I will have read more.


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At 27/2/07 12:39 pm, Blogger Bruce said...

I dislike Dave Hunt

I'll second that motion.

I don't think we have to worry about these retards getting much done politically

Ah yes, I forgot you were in Canada there for a second. Down here, these morons are already in high positions of power.

At 27/2/07 1:45 pm, Blogger King Aardvark said...

Easy, boy, easy. The rage is bubbling over a little there. How you managed to not charge the stage and hit Hunt with your chair is beyond comprehension. What does any of what he talked about there have to do with evolution or bible skepticism? It's not even thr twisted bullshit of a Hovind - it's just hate spewing, completely unrelated to anything else.

At 27/2/07 7:14 pm, Blogger Steve Watson said...

Aw c'mon Mike: don't hold back -- tell us how you really feel about these guys ;-).

At 27/2/07 8:21 pm, Blogger Sara said...

Plus, if "God" was so pissy, why didn't HE save anyone?

This really gets to the core of why I stopped believing in God -- because God evidently allows people to suffer for no reason, people who didn't deserve all the crappy things that happened to them, while assholes run free. WTF kind of sense does that make?

If these bigoted, violent yahoos are the ones going to heaven, I'm happy to be hell-bound. Why would I want to spend eternity with people so filled with hate, anyway? I say, bring on the Rapture! I'm tired of these yokels stinkin' up the place.

At 27/2/07 8:36 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Sorry guys, got a little spazzy there. Oftentimes I'll just freak the hell out. I'm ok now after some green tea.

Sara, I totally agree. And yes, I have read The God Delusion and enjoyed it totally.

At 1/3/07 8:49 am, Blogger Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

Freak outs are warranted in these occasions. I've been looking here in my home town of Charleston, SC (I know you'd think there's be more here but there isn't) to see if any ICR types or Hovind wanna-bes were coming around and no one so far, but I'm hoping soon. I have some masochistic need to make my self half crazed with anger over these wingnuts.


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