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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Gambia President Says Allah Loves AIDS Patients

Yahya Jammeh, the president of Gambia, says that he can cure HIV/AIDS. You may have seen or heard of the article. You may not, however, realize that he's a complete nutbag. He spouts all the standard bullshit like this classic line:
Whatever you do there are bound to be sceptics, but I can tell you my method is foolproof

And the always popular:
Mine is not an argument, mine is a proof. It's a declaration. I can cure Aids and I will.

Mmmm...can you smell that? The stench of pseudo-scientific retardedness. It's sort of like the smell of burnt hair and not-cured dead people decaying in the African sun. Mr Jammeh requires his patients to stop taking their anti-retroviral drugs, saying that it he doesn't want any "complications" - you know, like getting better or not dying.

The saddest part is that the actual medical personnel are still being polite to this fucking douchebag. I realize that he's a dictator who took power in a coup, but come on, let's stop pretending that he's rational. The health ministry actually issued a declaration of support and Dr Antonio Filipe, who is the local head of the W.H.O., said that he, "respected the president's point of view". And then in one of the most impotent statements ever made, he added, "As the World Health Organisation, we would like to state quite clearly the following: No 1, so far there is no cure for Aids."

Thanks, Dr Filipe - didn't you once play Jack Tripper's assistant on Three's Company? Love those high standards.

If you'd like a glimpse of how scientific and reliable Mr Jammeh's "cure" is, part of the whole process is this lovely little tidbit:
Mr Jammeh held up the Qur'an, pointing it at each of the patients in turn: "In the name of Allah, in three to 30 days you will all be cured,"

Yeah, bet the farm on Allah getting rid of a viral infection, see how far that gets you. Let me make a prediction that'll make Sylvia Browne shit green envy-money for a week: The HIV/AIDS rate among those "treated" by Jammeh will increase and his "patients" will start dropping off like AIDS-infected flies.

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At 22/2/07 2:57 pm, Blogger chooseDoubt said...

The way I see it people like this are no different from war criminals. Both are giving orders based on their ideologies that result in the death and suffering of very many innocents - but no, because it's this guy’s religious belief then idiots rush over themselves to respect it. I'd just like to see the Pope and idiots like this spend a few months looking after the babies dying of AIDS. Of course, it won't change a fucking thing about the way they "think" but it should wipe the smug smile off of their bastard faces.

It is so obvious that we have a responsibility to think and base our opinions on evidence just as much as we have a responsibility to drive on the correct side of the road. Why are there laws for the latter and you are punished if you break them whilst for the first people are respected regardless of the carnage they wreak?

The fundies and extremists kill for their idiot beliefs whilst the so called respectable moderates cause unbelievable suffering with their fantasy solutions to very real problems and their support for the useless at the cost of the useful. I suspect I'll be quietly approving when the first militant secularists appear and start strategically assassinating these grinning monsters.


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