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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gorilla Jesus and the Damn Dirty Apes

I do believe I've found my new band name.

So Brian Burgess, an artist who works in metal sculpure, created a statue of Jesus from which some people see sparks shoot. Specifically from the eyes, sort of like Nunzilla (which, not surprisingly, I own). The funny thing is that Jesus looks a lot like one of the Planet of the Apes characters.
Ape Jebus
Damn Dirty Apes
Some folks have been sucked into thinking that Ape Jebus is putting them into a trance. Really, I think they're just deep in thought because this confirms that Jebus did, in fact, come from a monkey. Evolution happened, Jebus was a monkey-man, get over it. Fabulous parting gifts for you.

And now, it's time for some Sunday Night Wine and Discovery Channel!

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At 19/2/07 2:16 am, Anonymous NCurse said...

Great and funny blog, Mike. Thanks for dropping by my site. I'll follow your posts.


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