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Monday, February 19, 2007

Hard to Give Up Squishy Specialness

I listened today to the new Point of Inquiry podcast where DJ interviewed Barbara Forrest on the "Intelligent" Design wedge document and the scourge that is creationism. I figured that because on Friday I'm going to a creationist lecture entitled "The Evolution Delusion", I may get some good points to keep in mind.

While the time passed and the interview went smoothly on, I started thinking about the past. The major scientific revolutions of years and centuries past were pretty much all rebelled against by the church of the day. Galileo was hauled in front of the damn pope so he could renounce the heliocentric universe (or become a victim of the Inquisition), which he did so he could live the rest of his life under comfortable house arrest. Giving up the special spot that whatever god you happen to worship has given us is hard to do.

But the facts won't be denied. As time goes on and new generations get aquainted with the way things seem to be, the old guard dies off and ideas change. Johannes Kepler was one of the first people to get a full education with the idea that the Sun was the center and the Earth moved around it, which influenced his math and how he viewed the Universe. The result are his three laws of planetary motion which kick just about all the ass I have - not much to be sure, but still, ass kicked nonetheless.

The same thing is happening here and now with the creationists. Evolution happened and gradually around the world the new generations will come to accept that as the high-level scientists have now. When the Goddies start falling behind in science, losing jobs and technology to other countries that know what's what, the young kids will learn what they need to in order to survive. That's the good thing about truth: it wins out regardless of the circumstances.

As long as we keep the religious folks on their toes by not backing down or being polite to their weirdness (when it matters), we'll be good. And on that note, it's beer o'clock.

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