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Friday, February 23, 2007

My Brain Hates Me

Wow. Creationists are crazy.

I thought it would be a lot better than that. I mean, my expectations were quite low to begin with, but hoooooleeee shit. There were more strawmen there than a Wizard of Oz Ray Bolger tribute festival.

There'll be a longer, more in-depth post to come on this, but I have to say, for a series of lectures put on ostensibly for "skeptics", I heard more old-ass, busted "arguments" for creation than I even thought possible. And there were rows upon rows of people giggling at the little jabs and jokes, nodding at all the "evidence", with hardly a skeptic in sight.

"We didn't come from apes", "life is too complex", "a billion monkeys typing for a billion years...a tornado blows through a junkyard and makes a 747", "the bacterial flagellum can't work without all its parts", "the eye is too complex...what good is part of an eye?" were all points made seriously and with gravitas. It was shocking.

I have to go to bed now or my brain will rebel and initiate the shut-down sequence that will lead to my termination. To be continued after the lectures tomorrow....

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At 24/2/07 3:07 am, Blogger EoR said...

Come on - creationists can apparently live without a functioning brain. What more proof of irreducible complexity do you need?

At 24/2/07 3:32 pm, Blogger Ralph said...

My own self destruct sequence would have counted to zero and my brains would be leaking out of my ears but you are going back for a second dose of industrial strength crapola. I am in awe. Hang in there big guy.

At 24/2/07 7:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I made some notes on two Saturday presentations and posted them on

At 24/2/07 9:50 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Awesome, thank you sir! I shall link to that forum in my next post.


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