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Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Nice Bowl of Soup at the Sandlot

I had the opportunity today to have a sit-down with Dr Laurence Moran from the University of Toronto. I first contacted him with respect to a series of creationist lectures coming up in my town to see if he would be interested in attending. Unknown to me at the time, he has a great blog called Sandwalk and has taken on IDers and creationist dumbasses for quite a long time.

We got to know each other a bit over lunch and seemed to be on the same page with respect to dealing with nonsense in private life as well as how to (and, often more importantly, not to) deal with it in public forums. At this particular private blog I often break the cardinal rule of "don't lose your temper or be impolite/rude", but I consider personal blogs a slightly less than public forum.

In any event, I am quite looking forward to the lectures (put on by these helmet-heads) and hope that some other local skeptics and scientists attend - you can never have enough dissent at a Young-Earth Global Flood Creationist talk. They are being held at Sinclair Secondary School in Whitby, Ontario on Friday February 23 (starting at 7pm) and Saturday February 24 starting at one in the afternoon. Come on out!

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At 16/2/07 12:37 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems appropriate to hold them at a secondary school. Most of those guys seem to have stopped their education at that level. Maybe they can pick up where they left off.

At 16/2/07 8:59 am, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Man, ain't that the truth.

At 16/2/07 11:05 am, Blogger King Aardvark said...

We don't even have grade 13 anymore, so these losers are really doomed.

At 16/2/07 11:06 am, Blogger King Aardvark said...

Aww, crap, just checked the speakers list and the two main guys are a chemical engineer and an aerospace engineer. Man, there goes my profession making an ass of itself again. Shit.

At 16/2/07 12:10 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Hey, if you can make it on Saturday, that'd be cool too. I'll be the strikingly handsome guy throwing copies of The Origin of Species and The Demon-Haunted World at the presenters.


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