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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hell Is Real - And I Have a Nine Inch Coc...

I was watching The Hour and Strombo said that the Pope had mentioned recently that Hell was a real place that actually exists. I thought to myself, fuck, how did I miss that story? So I look around and see that it actually happened today! What a douchebag!

When the church said that Limbo was eliminated, I was there. That was just saying that babies who die before receiving that weirdy blessing bullshit can get directly into Heaven now, but fuck those babies who died before. They can all just sit in their own shit.

Now though, apparently because people aren't scared enough anymore, Poop Eggs Benny decides to just announce that Hell is a real place (as it says in Matt - 25:41) and can be seen in works like Michelangelo's Last Judgement (look in the middle slightly more than halfway down for the flayed pelt of the artist himself along with the other tortured souls) or perhaps Goya's Saturn where the big fuckin' monster eats the fella.

It just kills me how a guy - because the friggin' Pope is just a guy - just says that this terrible, horrifying place (if you're six) exists, and if you don't follow the archaic, misogynistic, non-sensical rules we also made up, you're going to that shitty place to burn for all time (never mind that we CAN'T burn for all time because we'd run out of fuel...come on). What is it with religions and fire/burning? I mean, look at all the fuckin' references to disbelievers burning in The Fire you find in the goddamn Koran!

We get it: bad = fire.

Hey, here's a thought - don't try to scare people into believeing the stupid shit you're spewing. It's like the Dread Pirate Roberts telling Wesley, "Goodnight - I'll most likely kill you in the morning!" every damn night. After a while, it really loses its ability to instill fear.

Let's just stop with the whole "religion" thing, k? K. Once it's gone, we'll all be better off and we'll likely treat each other better without judging everyone based on some asshole in a hat's version of what's good and what's bad. Fuck him and his hat.

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At 28/3/07 9:34 pm, Blogger ccannizz11 said...

here here! Or is it "hear hear!"? fuck it...


At 28/3/07 11:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed, fuck it. I will never forget the relief I felt when it finally sunk in that this was all crap and that I didn't need to worry about burning forever in the fires that burn but never consume. I was almost there, I had already decided anyone who would condemn people to such an end did not deserve to be worshiped, and I refused to be forced into it by fear. But oh, the freedom, the weight that lifted from my heart when I realized the whole thing was shit. I wish everyone could know that feeling. That's why when fundies say that atheists are lost souls, meandering with no meaning in their lives, I just laugh. They have no idea how wonderful it feels to finally see the world for what it really is, and not spend you life in fear of your invisible 'friend'.

At 6/4/07 11:37 pm, Blogger Robert said...

LOL! I love it!! Dread Pirate Roberts .. and my wife wonders why I liked that movie..

At 21/7/09 7:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well i would settle for 7 " but what the hell. yes time to come out of the atheist closet. when i die that is it. the only sad thing is that all the smarts i have are gone too and years of figuring stuff out. the catechism approach to religion is the only way to keep it alive and it is such a sad waste of time that kids could be using to climb trees or ride bikes in the river. for a while in my early sobriety i bought into the concept of spiritualism but that is gone too. there i heard said that religious people think there is a hell. spiritual people have been there. or some such sentiment. as i get older i can see how religion may have holisticly evolved in response to mortality but as one of the other commentors said we would be better off without it. man! the apparent craziness of the muslims is good evidence. i say apparent because all the bullshit generated by the americans about muslims may be just that. i am truly skeptically yours Joe


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