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Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Light Weekend and CFI Ontario's First Thingy!

We're expecting a baby girl within the next two months and this weekend is the one where I get to re-arrange the horribly disorganized basement and remove the "office" stuff from the future kid's room down to the dungeon. Hooray. Mrs. Heathen is away for the next few days and it's my job to put the porn away and focus on the task at hand (no jokes there, please).

Posting will be light over the weekend, but I am planning on attending the CFI Ontario's first official thingy downtown tonight. Paul Kurtz is supposed to be there among other interesting and cool peeps. It'll be fun to mingle and such and there'll probably be a post tomorrow about it.

Oh, and apart from that, how's Saturday April 14th for a beer-n-wings thing out here in Whibty for anyone skeptically inclined? No real agenda, just to see who's around and into, you know, beer-n-wings! We can even talk sports or things not skeptical if you so choose! Options abound!

Let me know.

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At 10/3/07 2:22 pm, Blogger ynot said...

Congrats to you and Mrs. H. on the upcoming happy event.

April 14 sounds good to me. More wings than beer since the TTC doesn't go to Whitby. :-)

At 10/3/07 3:38 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Thank you, sir.

Oh but the Go-Train certainly does, my friend! TTC to Union and Go to here. I'd be more than happy to pick you up - but if you're more comfy driving, then off you go! There should be a kickin' wings place close by.

At 11/3/07 1:56 pm, Blogger Paul said...

Oh noes! I have guests coming for dinner April 14th. Man, I'm bummed. Maybe next time.

At 11/3/07 2:25 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Damn man, I tried to make it far enough in the future to avoid that sort of thing. Ah well, we'll do another one soon.

At 12/3/07 9:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I can get there by GO, I'm in. I'm still pissed off at missing the chance to heckle creationists in Whitby. This might make up for it to some small extent :)


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