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Friday, March 02, 2007

More "Secret" Retardedness

I've been told that the video link on my last bitch session on The Secret isn't working anymore so I wanted to link to a new one. This clip is about nine minutes long and it's Bob Proctor talking quite long-windedly about "vibrations" and "levels of energy". Obviously he's not a physics major.

One thing I wanted to point out about this horseshit is something I thought about ten years ago when I took that "self mastery" course from the weirdy Australian fella (just to be clear, I have nothing but love for Australia, but this particular guy was an idiot). Proctor and the others in The Secret are big on attracting what you want and say that you can, "change your vibrational energy" to be in sync with whatever it is you desire, then the Universe will provide it or put it in line with you.

Ok, so let's say you want something really rare. Let's say that John F. Kennedy had a special pocket watch and you'd like to own it because you are a collector. Now that you know The Secret, you can put the Universe to work to put you in line to get it. Great; the only problem is that there's another collector out there too, and she knows The Secret. Well dammit. Which person's vibrational energy will reign supreme? Who will win out in the cosmic power battle over JFK's pocket watch? Tune in next week....

See, wouldn't it eventually descend to the point where people would be using their "Secret Powers" to take things away from others. Imagine:
I really like Ralph's wife, she's beautiful - but that darn Ralph is always there. I shall use The Secret to get the Universe to bring her vibration and my vibration into the same pattern and then we shall be together! Vibrating! Bwaahahahahahahaha!!

Sorry, couldn't resist the evil laugh at the end.

If you start out by accepting the initial premise of The Secret, then you have to end up at a place where people are using their "Secret Powers" to take things from others or get into Jedi Mind wars with other "Secret Masters". It's just juvenile silliness at best.

If Bob Proctor is so good at getting "the Universe" to get him money, why does he even need "multiple income streams"? That sounds like a bit of work. Why not just get boxes of money delivered to your door, Bob. You know, the kid in the original video got a bike dropped off on his doorstep just by thinking about it - I assume you're better at this than some untrained kid, so you should be able to at least do what a he did. Douchebag.

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At 2/3/07 10:10 pm, Anonymous denise said...

I had a friend attend a free seminar on "the secret" she thought it was great, but instead of spending $700 on some videos or whatever crap they were pawning, she kept her money and took her new positive additude and signed up for a college class ;-)

At 2/3/07 10:41 pm, Blogger EoR said...

Bob Proctor's probably vibrating with joy from all the money the hopelessly deluded are throwing at him.

At 2/3/07 11:53 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Now that's making use of positive energy, Denise! Good for her.

Yeah, I'm sure Proctor's asking the Universe to let him shit in his pants with excitement over all the money he's making because of fucking Oprah, EoR. Can't stand Bob.

At 23/3/07 5:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like most disinformation, this has a few tiny nuggets of truth that have been perverted into a larger, and in this case, multifaceted agenda. Since those involved tell you one can make money by telling yourself you deserve money, they must therefore, make money to be credible. See? It’s not easy to make stone soup these days.

The movie itself (available freely to those who will play it to more than 20 people and not charge admission) is cheesy cable TV version of the various aspects of the so-called “New Thought” movement. Since that’s what the producers of the film did for a living before “practicing the law of attraction” and having a mid-life crisis, it makes sense that it should use every cheesy hook imaginable. After watching the preview montage of their interlude segments, I was hoping to see a fictional story of how this came to be, something sort of “Celestine Prophecy”-like, and of course, it wasn’t.

The vibrational frequency (really a redundant phrase, no?) business is just early 80s crystals and pyramids back for another go. Each cherry-picks a most basic understanding of the already a century old experiments of the first quantum physics experiments, ala Bohr & Co. At least Theosophy was clever enough to come beforehand. It is interesting they choose to use quotes from classical physicists and employ quantum physicists, but make no mention of multi-dimensionality.

Of the three guys who seem to be central figures, Beckwith (Doctor of Divinity, 1985, Religious Science Studies) in seems sincere in that he believes the metaphysics of it, has called it God to get some people to buy in, and calling it money to get others on board. I think he went into it hoping to just get some people thinking of things, as demonstrated by such phenomena as the Princeton Egg Experiments.

That he chose to use "Visionary" as his title in the movie credits baffles me, though reminds me of “What the ^#$&$* do we know?” in its woo-woo factor. At least he didn’t call himself a shaman. I assume he carefully maintains his look to appeal to the largest number of people as possible, too. Part of doing business, I’d say, especially if you’re going on TV to take your ministry to the new revival tent of afternoon programming.

Consider the audience – everyone likes to think they get science and “physics an’ stuff” because it’s a standard by which truth is measured and accepted. Faith is used as a tool to reach those who’d really rather be braying at the moon and gnawing on the bones of their enemies.

It's the other two fellows involved – those promoting the $2000 pyramid scheme -- who have functioned as "motivational speakers and authors" most recently. Proctor seems to have no past aside from that he’s created since he “got religion.” A very 21st century sort of religion it is, too. I mean honestly! He claims first to not know how electricity works and then claimed that no one did. He’s there to bring in the segment of the audience that is skeptical of anything vaguely scientific because it puts them, as dolts, at a disadvantage.

The other fellow wrote “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” and then franchised it off to other authors – one of whom is on the show as another “teacher.” You know, just like Jesus. This is, first and foremost, a brilliantly executed marketing campaign that the rest of us should take lessons from. And honestly, many could use some more self-confidence.

It just drives me wild how this is such a baby-boomer thing and that it is, at its heart, totally amoral – like objectivism. They deserve to be rich. Oh, and did those who died in the holocaust do so because of a cascade of bad vibes? I remain offended at this huksterism – there really isn’t plenty to go around. Like the “affiliate opportunity” that’s offered, it’s just a pyramid scheme. “Time sensitive” they say. Well, of course it is.


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