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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Slow News Week & Peanut Butter Pisses Me Off

Geez, have I ever not been motivated to write. There's just not that much happening that gets my back up. I mean there's the stupid stories like Bush saying people should pray for Tony Snow's cancer. But what the fuck else should a semi-retarded fundie do? Talk to scientists? Come on.

Apparently there's some controversy over at American Idol because some talentless fucker is getting a ton of votes and might ruin the "credibility" of the series. I think I might care less if, somewhere in there, the word "tampon" was thrown in. Other than that, I believe I'm at rock-bottom care level. Defcon-Blowme.

From various sources, I've seen a video of Duane Gish and some engineer fuckface who can't grasp basic science and think goddamn peanut butter is evidence against evolution happening. I love the smarmy bitch who says evolution is, "A fairy tale, pure and simple. Life from non-life, apart from God's direct intervention, is a fairy tale. But despite that obvious truth, evolutionists continue to build their supposedly scientific case on a foundation that virtually rules out everything that follows." That's some fucking high-quality crack she's smoking. Man, and they accuse scientists of being arrogant. Seriously? "Obvious truth"? I guess it's obviously true that my cock is 9" long and that David Blaine can actually make shit disappear. And it's obviously true that a 10,000 pound plane sitting on a runway can't fly! It's too damn big! What the hell is wrong with people who don't use common sense to just know stuff?!

Ok, I'm done for today. Unless something crazy happens, I'm going to be at work or watching Lucky Louis, which you should all go buy because it's hilarious and should still be on the air.

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At 28/3/07 4:48 pm, Blogger King Aardvark said...

Bah, it's been a slow week for me too. I've barely been awake since Sunday and haven't gotten any work done at the office whatsoever. And then I get my wisdom teeth out on Friday. Blogging can wait.

Haven't you seen the South Park episode? David Blaine can make shit disappear.

Actually, since I've designed sewage treatment plants, I really do have a hand in making shit disappear.

I hope you feel motivation again soon.


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