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Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Sweathog Speaks Out of Turn

I've bitched about Scientology before and now isn't going to be different. It seems that John Travolta has publicly stated that had Anna Nicole Smith converted to Scientology and enrolled in Narconon, she would have been cured and alive today, dancing care-free in a field of daisies with birds swirling ribbons in her hair.

As if anyone needs Danny Zuko from Grease giving out life advice on anything other than how to get a decent agent in Hollywood. Seriously, where the hell do actors get such giant, hairy, bullshit-filled balls? I mean, great, I'm glad you got to the point where you were able to produce and act in Battlefield Earth, Terl, but that in NO WAY makes you qualified to get someone in a drug treatment program - especially a wannabe "treatment" program like fucking Narconon.

I read in a Scientology FAQ where the Oklahoma State Board of Mental Health said something interesting:
No scientifically well-controlled independent, long-term outcome studies were found that directly and clearly establish the effectiveness of the Narconon program for the treatment of chemical dependency and the more credible evidence establishes Narconon's program is not effective. [OSB1992]

Yeah, it's from '92, but still, "not effective" is pretty unambiguous. See, they (the Xenu lovers) seem to think that no one will look their shit up and figure out that, hey, they say that they have an 85% cure rate...but they never release any information or statistics to back it up. How odd.

I wish that pretentious actors like Travolta would just stick to acting in shit comedies like Wild Hogs and fly planes and talk all deeply and meaningfully about their "motivations" and leave the sentences that make actual sense to the rest of us who don't play for a living.

Here's a great interview by Olberman that highlights the oddness. Nothing is better than the South Park episode, however. Enjoy it...revel in it.

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