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Monday, April 23, 2007

Newt Needs To Regenerate A Brain

Newt Gingrich thinks more guns would have solved the Virginia Tech situation. Yeah, let's think this through, shall we: Gunman shows up on campus, kills two people and then sends some mail and reloads. Two hours later (while the other kids on campus all got their guns and went out hunting for the offender) he reappears to go on his final rampage, but now when the police show up, there's not one guy with a couple guns, there's hundreds of people with guns. Good plan, Newt.

Answer me this before we go any further in this little debate - how often in the news do you hear, "Mass shooting in Sweden's capital...", or "Twenty-six people killed in Japan today when a crazed gunman entered a mall and opened fire"? Right, not very often at all.

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At 23/4/07 1:29 pm, Blogger salomedesade said...

Newt and his cronies love guns, and are up to their asses in debts to the NRA. Guns and God are these people's answers to everything.
I have written extensively about VT in my blog, but it never crossed my mind that more guns are the answer. Keep up the great work Mike.

At 23/4/07 3:29 pm, Blogger King Aardvark said...

It's possible that for a particular incident, a little luck would enable an armed bystander to take out a crazed shooter before they could do the damage they would had there been no armed bystanders. That said, with a proliferation of guns for everybody, I'd imagine the number of accidental deaths and shootings where otherwise there would have been angry shovings would more than make up for it. Guns just make it too easy to kill somebody.

At 23/4/07 4:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Newt's a blowhard. :/

Ugh... Cho was going to kill himself. And, if we believe his video statement, he wanted a stand-off and didn't get one. While one person, say a professor, with a gun may have taken him out and prevented some of the slaughter....a campus full of armed frat boys is really not my idea of a safe learning environment. Who do the cops shoot first, when they come upon a scene where everyone is armed? I guess they might shoot the person who DOESN'T lay down their weapon once they arrive...but,I don't think the cops want to come upon a scene where there are multiple weapons, not under their control.

I mean...think about it. If everyone in that classroom building had been armed, Cho could have very easily picked off (and it appears he did) by surprise. Then, if everyone had been armed, he could've taken all of THEIR weapons. Had everyone been armed, he could've held up in that building for a week.


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