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Friday, April 27, 2007

Why I Blog

While going through my regular sites, I read at King Aardvark's place that he tagged me with one of those "meme" thingies. It's all about why you blog; an interesting thing to think about if ever there was one.

I think the first reason is that after reading Skeptic magazine, Skeptical Inquirer magazine and Free Inquiry magazine, I thought to myself the same thing that Jim Carrey said he thought when, as a child, he watched the legends of comedy do their acts: "Shit, I could do that." I really wanted to lend another voice to skepticism and try to do it in such a way that I could be original and interesting (most of the time). Still trying.

Secondly, I wanted to get some use out of the bachelor's degree in English I received in 1996. After leaving teaching and getting into massage therapy, I missed the creative outlet that writing provided. Here, I get to say whatever it is I feel and back it up or change my mind as the situation or evidence or both indicate.

There are very often, in the paper or in the news, articles or pieces that just test my patience. One of the main goals of my starting a blog was to never let a situation pass by me without at least understanding it, for once you understand a problem or situation, you are in a priviledged position to negotiate. It's all about the ability to vent frustration.

Finally, I must acknowledge the fact that I'm a passive/aggressive attention whore. I think most bloggers are, in fact. If we had any real balls, we'd be out writing pieces and typing up query letters to editors of papers and such. This is the easiest way for the lightening to get to the ground and, should a story get picked up by a major news station, you are still only reffered to as an "anonymous blogger". Nothing's free, my friend.

I enjoy doing the research for a piece, rebuffing questioners who are not respectful and questioners who try to intimidate, and lastly, when I work alone I don't have to share the credit.

And now I'm so tired that my eyes are dancing around and I'm seeing Judith Light do a slow sexy movement that I really need to see again....


(post-edit: Man, I was really tired when I wrote that and it's just stupid. I'll try not to do that again.)

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At 1/5/07 8:39 am, Blogger King Aardvark said...

BA in english? No wonder you're a massage therapist now ;-) I'm noticing a lot of the same general reasons for people tagged with this meme. Your "Shit, I could do that" is probably the best uncommon reason though. None of us are thinking that last part though. Creepy.


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