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Saturday, May 12, 2007

In Abortion News: Pope Still Against It and Still a Misogynist Asshole

Everyone should have a seat. The news I am about to report is shocking to such a degree that you may lose control of your legs and end up on the floor, shaking and moaning quietly to yourself.

Yes, it was reported in the Toronto Star that the fucking Pope, while in Brazil, has said that he is...*sigh*...against abortion. I know, take some deep breaths.

It seems that politicians in Mexico City voted to legalize abortions and as such are, as far as B..B..B..Benny in his Jet was concerned, scumbags who should be excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church. "Fuck 'em", was the official quote released by the Vatican*.

The Poop and his higher ups want, "the promotion of respect for life from the moment of conception until natural death as an integral requirement of human nature." You know, it's just about worthwhile to try and be allowed in the room as an observer during an abortion and hand an instrument to the doctor. That way I can say I've been a part of an abortion and as such could bypass all the letter-writing and convincing that goes into a run-of-the-mill excommunication. I'm all about saving time (do you get an official letter of excommunication? 'Cause I'd like that).

Incidentally, that phrase, "natural death", it's a little ambiguous as far as I'm concerned. Has the Poop had any life-saving surgeries? And what did the Vatican say about the Terri Schiavo fiasco? Oh, right, her death was hastened. I think you could change "hastened" to "allowed to happen naturally" and it would be infinitely more correct, those hypocricical douchebags. Why does anyone listen to what this group has to say?!

Abortions are like prostitutes in that they will always be available. They may not be legal, but they'll be there. The misogynistic attitude of the Catholic Church (and not only them) is readily apparent in their laws controlling womens bodies.

The logical (right..."church" and "logic" should be separated by at least six paragraphs at all times...sorry) thing to do is to legalize both abortions and prostitution and regulate them so they're safe and professional. The way Poop Benny and other religious asshats want it leads to fucking coat hangers and pimp slaps.

It's this mindset that will kill organized religion. Not anytime soon, but die it will - and on that day I shall smile...but it'll probably be after I'm dead.

*Not verified.

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At 16/5/07 9:22 am, Blogger tina said...

I read an opinion in my local newspaper the other day. A man was ranting on about abortion and how wrong it was and we need to get back to "god" and realize that it's murder, no matter what trimester a woman is in. I commented back that it is my right to do with my body whatever I choose to do. A reply to that was, "it is not yours to do with whatever you want, it's another human." If god wants to strike me dead then so be it,but it is no one's right to push their bible beliefs on me.
I got to thinking about all the people that would be affected if abortion was considered murder. First, the mother would be jailed, the doctor, the nurses, the person that was chosen by the mom to be there for her(mother,father, sister, brother, cousin, get my meaning right? That's a lot of people in jail, better build more!


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