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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Catholic Leaders Continue To Be Asswipes

Imagine for a second you met Jeffery Dahmer back when he was alive. Imagine you were chatting about serial killers and how bad he was and he said to you, "Yeah, but other people do stuff like that too and they should watch their behavior as well."

It boggles the mind. Sure, serial killers are all bad, but Dahmer was just that cut above (usually the clavicle) the norm - the one who makes you go, "Holy shit-sticks - that fucking guy is crazy and dangerous on a whole other plane than most freaks!"

Now check out what the Vatican's chief spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, said about the child abuse scandal and the recent record-setting $660 million settlement payment:
The problem of the abuse of childhood and its adequate protection certainly does not regard only the (Catholic) Church, but also many other institutions and it is right that these take the necessary decisions as well...
That's right. It amounts to, "Look, we're not the only group who routinely diddles little kids, and those other groups involved in the systematic abuse of the youth - I'm lookin' at you, Super Adventure Club - need to clean up as well".

It really does boggle the imagination. Isn't the Poop supposed to be infallible? Didn't they recently make Limbo non-existent? Why can't they just wave the magic crozier or penis-wand or whatever and say the abuse never happened? Don't they have some special Jesus-trick that handles shit like this?

I like to think of the paraphrased Dave Attell version of God:
I think God's there, just not everywhere at once, so when he's busy making birds sing and flowers grow, making a butterfly land on a retarded boy's hand making him feel special and alive - he's letting you get fist-fucked at summer camp.

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At 17/7/07 11:59 pm, Blogger Paul said...

I invite your rantedness to participate in a lowly internet meme.

At 19/7/07 10:03 am, Blogger tina said...

Holy Moley!


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