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Saturday, August 04, 2007

What Was That About "Intelligent" Design?

A lamb was born in New Zealand with seven legs. Yeah, seven. Oh, and just to make it extra crispy fuckalicious, it was missing a part of its bowel so it couldn't pass faeces. Here's a photo of the little fella:cute little bundle of genetically malformed freakishness
I'm a little bit rusty on my intro biology, but isn't one of the characteristics of a living thing that it eliminates waste? Right, thanks God - you tremendous douchebag. Oh, right, you don't exist. Like Cool Hand Luke said, "I'm just standin' in the rain talkin' to myself."

This sort of chromosomal mishap happens once in every several million births in the sheep population. Sort of like people with tails or Tara Reid's boobs, every now and then something really freakish and odd swings through and we have to have a gander. Sadly in this case, Dr. Steve Williams, a veterinarian who treated the cute-as-a-button genetic mishap of a creature, said "To keep it alive is probably inhumane really."

Didn't someone once say that about Paris Hilton?

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At 5/8/07 12:46 pm, Blogger tina said...

That's sad.

At 7/8/07 8:57 am, Blogger King Aardvark said...

Yup, it's sad that they keep Paris Hilton alive ;-)

At 7/8/07 9:46 am, Blogger tina said...



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