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Friday, September 21, 2007

"God" Answers Charges

So "God" apparently replied to a law suit filed by Sen. Ernie Chambers via otherworldly circumstances.

That's code, by the way, for "someone snuck it into the office".

If I was Sen. Chambers, I'd now say that the document (purportedly from "God" and has "Michael the Archangel" as a witness) constitutes reasonable proof that someone or something is assuming the role of the defendant, therefore a subponea is in order to make that entity appear. Failure to show him/her/itself would garner a fine and an admission of guilt (I'm not a lawyer, I'm just making up the consequences as I go along).

"God" supposedly said, "I created man and woman with free will and next to the promise of immortal life, free will is my greatest gift to you," in an attempt to explain away his/her/its responsibility for the horrors and tragedies caused by religious folks.

Well, here's an observation to ponder: If "God" can make an appearance via a court document to defend him/her/itself against frivolous charges in a silly point-making lawsuit, why doesn't he/her/it write a clear document to all the world's religious people telling them to not kill each other in his/her/its name? You know, clear up all that nonsense.

Just a thought.

(thanks Adam)

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At 21/9/07 2:00 pm, Blogger John D Giotta said...

According to the believers "God" did already. If "God" did then it would be considered a fake like other religious texts in comparison to rivaling texts.

Its a endless loop of crack-pottery

At 21/9/07 2:03 pm, Blogger Stardust said...

I can imagine all the fundies snickering "we showed 'em" like they have outsmarted the atheist or something. Some HUMAN leaves a note for his sky daddy, and that is supposed to prove something? I would like to see them subpoena gawd to appear in person!

As for the freewill bullcrap which is same bullshit they always come back with. They don’t even know what they are saying. One must give up their “free will” to get that “greatest gift” which is immortality. It would be like being a vampire. You can live forever, but must be the vampire’s eternal slave. It's all so bizarre.


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