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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mr. Harper, Tear Off Those Veils

How the fuck is it not painfully obvious that when you go to vote, you have to show your face? This is an instance where I agree with our PM and think that the new Elections Canada ruling allowing Muslim women to keep their faces covered with a burkha or niquab while voting is stupidity visualized. Harper said:
We just adopted this past sitting in the spring, Bill C-31, a law designed to have the visual identification of voters. It's the purpose of the law … and I think this decision goes in an entirely different direction
This is one of those situations where there is a sliding scale. See, you're first of all a human, then you're a member of your country's population, then province/state/territory, then religion, then community. I realize that for a lot of people out there that religion comes higher than just about everything, if not even their humanity. Well I'm here to tell those people that they are fucked in the head and need to re-examine their loyalties. The country that has given you the freedom to practice your retarded fear-mongering sky-daddy religion is the one whose laws you must obey second only to your duty to the rest of humanity, nay the lives (human or not) the world over.

You show your face when you vote to ensure that you get only one vote. No, we don't trust you. And it's not that it's you, it's that general rules and regulations that apply to everyone are the way to ensure a fair and untampered-with election. So, you show your ID and you show your face. Get the fuck used to it and welcome to Canada.

I can hear it now: They won't let our women wear the traditional Muslim dress! This is discrimination! So, if I walk in and try to vote wearing a balaclava and the officials don't let me, can I say my religion is one where I must look like a ninja at all times? Who cares if my religion consists only of me? All religions started out with just one (or perhaps a handful of folks), and mine is gaining momentum, dammit.

That last paragraph illustrates one of the fundamental arguments against religion: They're crazy, and the only reason we think they are "sacred" or "special" is because a lot of people are involved in the delusion. That's it. One person walking down the street talking to a man in the sky is a fucking crazy person (or as my policeman friend calls them, "mumblies"); a thousand people walking together down a street and talking to a man in the sky is a fucking prayer meeting. A million people heaping love on a senile old man in a weird hat, all talking to a man in the sky is World Youth Day. I weep for our youth.

So no, Muslim women don't get to cover their faces when they vote. And no, it's not discrimination so don't even start that bullshit. When you have a say in who gets elected in Canada you must be part of Canadian society and that means having your face be seen by someone other than your husband. If you disagree with this, go try to vote in Saudi Arabia - Oh, right, the only elections they had were local, held in 2005, and only men could vote.

You Muslims and your sacred misogyny. It's so quaint.

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At 9/9/07 3:46 pm, Anonymous Soitgoes said...

"you're a member of your country's population, then province/state/territory, then religion, then community."

I think that community should come before religion in the above phrase!

At 9/9/07 7:13 pm, Anonymous zhasper said...

I'm not muslim, so it's possible I'm of track here, but...

My understanding is that the primary reason for the Hijab is to prevent men not of the woman's family from seeing her face.

My understanding is that there's no taboo against women not of the woman's family from seeing her face.

Thus - why not have a special private room for women voters only, where the women in hijabs can safely remove their hijab and have their identity verified?

Religious custom observed; requirements of the law fulfilled.

Of course, here in .au we don't need to do anything to prove our ID at voting time - just quote a random name on the roll and get it ticked off the list...

At 11/9/07 7:45 pm, Blogger tina said...

I agree with Mike on this one.

At 12/9/07 4:23 pm, Anonymous Yojimbo said...

Only get one vote? Man, that would never work in Chicago...

At 12/9/07 4:44 pm, Anonymous Melissa G said...

Um, I totally want in on this dress-like-a-ninja religion.

At 13/9/07 10:11 am, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Perhaps I can combine the "dress-like-a-ninja" religion with the Jedi religion and we'd be awesome.


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