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Sunday, September 23, 2007

UFC 76 - Don't Follow Me to Vegas

So I just watched the fights and I suck. I did call the Sanchez/Fitch bout, but I thought Fitch would stop Diego. A decision is still a win though.

Who would have thunk that Forrest Griffin would choke out Shogun? Good on him, however. He made a great showing of himself and proved that he's in the top echelons of the 205 division.

And holy shit on a stick, who called Keith Jardine to win a decision over Iceman? Jesus christ on a crutch, that was crazy. When Jardine started landing that right kick to the body and leg, and Chuck's side started turning red and shit, I was amazed. Then Jardine dropped Liddell with that right hook and I nearly shit my pants. In the same vein as the Griffin fight, good on him. Prove me wrong and step up to the plate with a set of bollocks and do your damn job, son.

Not a lot of stoppages (in fact, I think the Griffin fight was the only one all night), but a decent card nonetheless. I had fun with the nachos and beers, which is all that really matters. I hope you did too.

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At 23/9/07 5:11 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

What the hell does this have to do with fighting?

At 24/9/07 12:52 am, Blogger StefRobrts said...

Wow, you've been spammed. Weird shit, that.

I wanted to ask - what the hell is up with this fighting stuff? I just got back from a trip across the state of Oregon, and out in the middle of nowhere, we saw signs on the highway inviting people to come out for cage fighting in the nearest town. This was going on in more than one town. I was really surprised. I just didn't picture the boys finish bucking hay and head into town to beat the snot out of each other. Is it really getting that popular? I've seen you mention it several times.

At 24/9/07 1:17 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Hey Stef,
Yeah, it's that popular. It's a great sport (although I'm not sure that the cage fighting in small towns is a super idea) with a lot of rules and regulations now - different from when it started.

It's better, in my opinion, than boxing because it's more well-rounded (i.e. it's more than just punching). And it's safer than boxing as well; the fighters don't take the repeated head blows that boxers are wont to do. Check it out sometime on Spike TV if you're interested.

At 24/9/07 5:05 pm, Blogger StefRobrts said...

Thanks for the info. My hubby was curious especially after seeing the signs on our trip. We'll have to check it out.

At 25/9/07 2:28 pm, Blogger ordinarygirl said...

My husband was out in the middle of Missouri last May and picked up a flier for a cage fight in the area. The back of the flier was an ad for a buffet at a local restaurant for Mother's Day. Gotta love small towns! :)

Have you watched any of the EliteXC stuff on Showtime? It's not nearly as good as UFC, but my husband and I watched it a couple of weeks ago and they had some good fights. Robbie Lawler fought Ninja Rua and Nick Diaz fought Mike Aina (who I hadn't heard of).

I think it has too much fluff myself. It's like they're trying to combine TNA (wrestling) with UFC. But, unlike last time we watched, I was impressed with the matches.

And did I hear that Pride and UFC were uniting? Or was that just a couple of championship fights?

At 25/9/07 5:05 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

You heard right. Zuffa (the company that owns the UFC) bought Pride and now the two are one...awww.

So yeah, now all the cross-over fights are starting to happen. Chuck Liddell was supposed to beat Jardine and then fight Vanderlei Silva in December or November, but now that's screwed up because of the outcome.

They should just throw Vanderlei in against Jardine and see what happens.


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