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Saturday, September 22, 2007


This is the coolest chalk-art drawing I think I've ever seen. There's more where that came from right here.
Batman - Coolest Chalk Drawing Ever

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At 22/9/07 9:23 am, Blogger vjack said...

That is amazing! Thanks for the post. My mind's been blown.

At 22/9/07 11:25 am, Blogger Maggie Rosethorn said...

Wow. That is awesome. I have always envied those who could draw.

At 23/9/07 11:28 am, Blogger IsThatLatin said...

I love that guy. I am occasionally reminded of his work (like now) and I go to the site and get blown away all over again. :)

At 24/9/07 3:01 pm, Blogger tina said...

Cool! It's amazing!


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