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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

And Here I Thought Chocolate Sauce Was Kinky....

Ummm...anyone else see this? Anyone else weirded out? Rev. Gary Aldridge seems to have been hiding something. Maybe he's been watching a little too much Showcase on Friday nights (do they get that in Alabama? Maybe on Dish TV). Poor fella spent his 51 years devoted to the wrong stuff. Instead of being the minister of the Montgomery's Thorington Road Baptist Church, he might have been a well-known sex advice therapist or maybe a gay/tranny icon. If he wasn't a religious man, he might have had a confident sex partner there to help him out of the wet-suits (yes, that's plural), masks, ligatures, and maybe take the dildo out of his behind so he didn't die. There's something to be said for safety in numbers.

I just think this is sad. I mean, yeah, it's funny because of who he was (Liberty "University" grad, friend of Jerry Falwell), but at this point the irony is getting old. All these right-wing, anti-gay fuckheads doing meth and blowing guys, tapping feet in airport bathrooms and shoving dildos up their asses while tied up and wearing rubber suits - how repressed can one person (or political party) get?

Plus, this is just interesting from a logistical standpoint: How does one either tie oneself up and then stick a dildo up one's ass or how does one shove a dildo up one's ass and then tie oneself up? It's a question that only Gary Aldridge and Big Gay God can answer now

Thanks to PZ for the initial link.

4 Barbaric Yawps:

At 10/10/07 9:55 am, Blogger King Aardvark said...

Perhaps these guys are drawn to the GOP the same way child molesters are drawn to the priesthood?

Anyway, yikes. I'm sorry for the guy.

At 10/10/07 9:58 am, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

I know, eh? Geez.

At 10/10/07 3:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look around in google, and you'll find that some fundamentalist types still insist it was murder.


At 10/10/07 7:43 pm, Blogger DiVerL said...

And here I thought you sucked *MY*


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