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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Does Anyone Even Listen To The Pope Anymore?

Crazy ol' Pope Benny said in a recent article that the Catholic Church is against embryonic stem cell research because it violates, "the dignity of human life". No shit, that's what the old man in the funny hat said. I don't think he has a clue what he's talking about and in the following four paragraphs, I shall attempt to prove it.

The Poop said that fertilized eggs are, "humans from the moment of conception" and, more importantly:
The destruction of human embryos, whether to acquire stem cells or for any other purpose, contradicts the purported intent of researchers, legislators and public health officials to promote human welfare....
So what about when the frozen blastocysts are thrown away after five years? Is that bad too? Here's the actual quote: "(S)urplus 5-day-old embryos...Such embryos are produced in the 'test-tube' for infertile couples, but often more are produced than needed...normally thrown away after 5 years". See, I wouldn't lie to you. Wait, is freezing them in the first place bad? Is every extra fertilized egg supposed to be reared into adulthood by caring and God-fearing Catholics? Man, I hope not. We can't feed all the people that are on the Earth right now, let alone if all the extra sperminated eggs start being hatched in incubators; hospitals will start looking like that scene in The Matrix where all the egg-pod people are being grown for batteries.

Did you all catch that important bit up there? Thrown away after five years. Like, in a biohazard box to probably be incinerated. Just in case you haven't seen a "person" when they're five days old (I imagine Benny certainly hasn't), here is a polaroid of your mom:
Too Bad You Can't See The Blastocyst!
That's from a nifty website that takes really bitchin' pictures. So do you think that looks like your mom? How about your brother? Not so much?

Well just to ease your fears, here's a picture of a 7.5 day old horse embryo from a site that does veterinary equine embryonic transfer.No Embryo For You!
See, looks pretty similar. So is that a horse, according to the Vatican? I can't ride that to check the fences!

Let's have a little bit of common sense here, shall we? These are a collection of cells barely visible to the naked eye. We've all stepped on ants and cockroaches and we can damn sure see them with our unaided eyes, but if you squashed a few hundred 5-day blastocysts, you wouldn't even know it. Using extra cells that will be thrown out anyway is not "wasting lives", it's using what's available to save people that are here and have families and friends and address books with other actual grown adults' names in them. And as we all know, the late, great Bill Hicks said - "You're not a human 'til you're in my phone book."

Amen to that.

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At 12/10/07 1:30 am, Blogger Shishberg said...

> Does Anyone Even Listen To The Pope Anymore?

That question would be so funny if only the answer was different.

At 12/10/07 6:08 am, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

That's the sad truth, my friend.

At 12/10/07 9:33 am, Blogger King Aardvark said...

You know, the 5 day old blastocyst looks a lot like my brother.

At 12/10/07 9:18 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Damn man, your brother must be that floating eyeball thing from Big Trouble in Little China. That's creepy.


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