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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Liddell vs Silva Confirmed...Great.

Yesterday, Dana White (the foul-mouthed, highly visible president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship) announced that the undercard top fight for the December event that features Matt vs. Matt for the welterweight belt will be the highly anticipated Chuck Liddell against Wanderlei Silva.

Am I the only one who doesn't really care about this fight?

It would have been great had Chuck still been the LH champ and still had that invincibility cloak around him. If Silva hadn't been KTFO by Dan Henderson recently. If Chuck hadn't been beaten convincingly twice in a row now. It sort of seems like the UFC is trying to pump up a fight that will likely end quickly one way or the other and no one will remember two week afterwards.

Maybe it's me?

2 Barbaric Yawps:

At 27/10/07 7:22 pm, Anonymous Skeptico said...

You know, I misread that headline as "Liddell vs Sylvia...

Pity. I guess Sylvia Browne won't be getting the ass kicking she deserves.

At 27/10/07 11:07 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Man, if there was ONE fight I'd love to watch and would pay a lot of money on PPV to buy, it'd be to watch Chuck Liddell beat the living shit out of that assmunch, Sylvia Browne.


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