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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Row, Row, Rowan is Wrong

I patted Archbishop Rowan Williams on the back for his stance against ID or creationism is schools a while back, but in that piece I said I'd probably fight with him about other things. Well, here we have one of those things in full techno-colour.

He has recently come out with a bit of an attack on atheists and, in particular, Richard Dawkins. It's quite dunderheaded with him saying things like:
Don't distract us from the real arguments by assuming that religion is an eccentric survival strategy or irrational form of explanation...When believers pick up Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens, we may feel as we turn the pages: 'This is not it. Whatever the religion being attacked here, it's not actually what I believe in'
Pardon? Please explain to me how appealing to an invisible sky-man is not irrational. I'd love to hear that clearly expressed. Secondly, of course people don't recognize their religion in what's being demolished by Hitchens and Dawkins (not to mention Harris, Dennett, Stenger, and a ton of bloggers). When you're in the middle of it, you can't see it - it's like being in a shitty relationship where all your friends are saying, "Holy crap, you need to kick this psycho to the curb and move on", but you think your partner is just the bestest and everything's peachy.

Doesn't the Kool-Aid taste great?

I'd love to hear what Christians actually believe in so it can be properly (in their odd worldview, anyway) criticized. It gets tiring to hear that atheists and skeptics (do I repeat myself?) are focused on the incorrect things, blasting away into the continent while the real religious folks are off in their quiet, wonderful world. Howzabout all you Christians get together and have a big ol' meetin' where you hash out what it is you all stand for, then present it in a nice neat paper or something - maybe even jointly through the Vatican and the Archbishop of Canterbury himself - for us to look at.

Just a thought.

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At 14/10/07 10:07 pm, Blogger PondererGirl said...

Barbaric Yawp. Nice.

At 14/10/07 10:41 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Hey, thanks. :)

At 14/10/07 10:56 pm, Blogger PondererGirl said...

No problem. It's a great movie and I've never seen it in real life before. Barbaric Yawp that is.

At 15/10/07 9:49 pm, Blogger Bruce said...

All this bickering over what proper religious belief is reminds me of a bunch of nerds playing D&D arguing over whether the mace they picked up in the last cavern does +5 or +6 damage on a troll. You can bicker over the details all you want but your still playing a fantasy game.

At 16/10/07 9:13 am, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

A better analogy has never been made, Bruce.


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