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Friday, October 05, 2007

Shakespeare's Penis-y Banning in Arizona

High school students, beware of the Bard. I realize that this is a bit of an old story, but I still thought it was funny that a production of a compilation of Shakespeare's plays and sonnets was "inappropriate" for seventeen year-olds. At least in the opinion of Tara Kissane, a director of something or other that I don't care enough to click to the other web page I have open to check. She said that, "there was inappropriate language and the content was very suggestive...I just thought it was over some of our kids' heads and it wasn't appropriate for our kids...."

Ok, so what she's saying is that the content was both "over the kids' heads", and "inappropriate". How does that happen? It's like that song in Aladdin where they go on the "magic carpet ride" so he can show her a "whole new world" and she should "hold her breath, it gets better", with "unbelievable sights" and "indescribable feelings". Remember that? Yeah, over the kids' heads and inappropriate.

But seriously, how many kids saw Aladdin? A lot. And the fact that the production Kissane objected to used the non-slang word for the male genitals (twice) should not make people rush the stage to halt the show. I mean, these are high school students, for chrissake. How many slang terms for male genitals do you think any random one of them could come up with?

I think it would have been good to stop a more blatant showing of Shakespeare's plays, like, for instance, Romeo in Juliet. That's a bit over the top for that age group. As would be The Merchant of Penis because it has some objectionable homosexual prostitute content. Perhaps A Midcummer Night's Dream would also make the ixnay list, mostly because of Peter North's starring role. I would imagine that the classic Julius Squeezed-Her would not make the classroom cut either, but it's their loss.

If we're not going to allow any type of edgy humour in schools, then just admit that no one in the future will be able to take a damn joke and call off next week for lack of interest. I'll be at home watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame...with sexy results.

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At 5/10/07 8:55 am, Blogger King Aardvark said...

Nice rant.

So, about the slang words for the the male genitals, are we talking just the wang here, or the whole package (junk, 'nads, happy sack) as well?

At 5/10/07 10:09 am, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Oh I was going for the whole schwantz. Mini Stonehenge and the dwarf druids. Penis Hilton and her raisonbag. There's really so many.


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