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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Silva Stomps Franklin Again at UFC 77

It looks like Rich Franklin just doesn't have the combination to beat Anderson Silva. Not that that's a slight against the former champ, I don't think anyone in the middleweight division has what it takes to beat Silva at the moment - although I'd like to see Swick get a shot.

I wasn't able to see the event, but in reading numerous summaries it seems like it was pretty similar to their first fight with Silva dominating every aspect. Franklin did slightly better than his first time out, at least making it to the second round - barely. I think Anderson is phenomenal, however, so good on him for being a crazy effective and classy fighter.

I like Rich Franklin. He's a good fighter and another of the UFC's best ambassadors. It would be difficult to stay in the game after taking two very one-sided beatings though. I don't know how you recover from that but I hope he hangs in there.

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