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Thursday, November 29, 2007

House of Saudomy

If anyone has ever happened upon this site and thought, "Gee, this guy really doesn't like religion...I wonder why?", here's your answer. A news story out of Saudi Arabia has laid bare religious stupidity (in the Islamic vein) with such clarity that no one (with a mind unclouded by sky-daddy horseshit) can claim not to see the burningly ludicrous, empty-headed vapidity that is Shari'a law.

Known only as "Qatif girl", she was gang raped by seven men and then, because she was both "mingling" and an accused adulterer, sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in prison. It is at this point that I'm wondering if we should courier a copy of The Accused over to Riyadh so they can...oh, wait...they'd just jerk off to the rape scene and then condemn Jodie Foster to the fires of hell for tempting them and being a whore. They'd likely try to kill her - so we should probably steer them clear of Taxi Driver too.

The case is now being tossed around in U.S. politics where talking-head "newsfolk" are trying to be all topical by asking presidential candidates what they think of the verdict. What are the politicians supposed to say?
"Well, according to the rules of their land, that little lady was asking for what she got by not being with a male relative while outside her home! What did she think would happen? That gang-raped teenager should be punished to the full extent of Shari'a law and the United States will endorse any....what's that? We don't...? Oh, oh, ok...ummm... We think this treatment is barbaric and abhorrent and stern words shall fall upon Saudi Arabia, I'll tell you!"
unknown presidential candidate
Fuck, what a non-question. Of course they're going to condemn the treatment of the girl...then they'll do nothing about it and make a pipeline deal behind closed doors. Ah, foreign policy, how you drive a stake into my good good heart.

You don't think so? Howzabout this little factoid. Four months before the 9/11 attacks in '01, George W. Bush congratulated the Taliban in Afghanistan for their curbing of the opium trade and gave them...guess? Bananas? Nope, he gave them money, and lots of it. How much is lots? How's $43,000,000 dollars? Yep. Oh, and the opium they "stopped growing" was actually halted to increase the price, and shipments into Tajikistan were increased. Thanks, guys. But I digress....

Prince Saud al-Faisal was all pissy because he had to defend his silly religious laws to reporters at the Middle East peace talks. Here's what the douche said:
What is outraging about this case is that it is being used against the Saudi government and people.
See, the real victims of the situation are government and the people. That girl who was gang-raped at knife point? Oh, she's just trying to make us look bad.

What a monumental assfuckhole.

Sunni and Shia hostilities played into the situation, but what's new about that? Of course people of the same religion - with slight differences - want to kill each other. Reminds me of that old Emo Phillips joke (if you hate his voice skip ahead to the 2:00 mark) - it's a perfect illustration.

What really kills me (and, potentially, the girl in the story if her brother has any say in the matter) about Shari'a law is the reaction of the judges. After she told her side of the story, they said, "What kind of relationship did you have with this individual? Why did you leave the house? Do you know these men?" I mean, fuck, they sound like the father of a 15 year old who broke curfew. Overbearing religion makes itself your daddy, no doubt.

I really have no closing comments to this article. It's just too goddamn sad. I hope this girl and her husband leave Saudi Arabia somehow and she becomes a women's rights activist and I hope the men who raped her are eaten by desert wasps.

(hat tip to writerdd over at Skepchick for the initial outrage and linkage to the original story)

3 Barbaric Yawps:

At 29/11/07 10:13 pm, Blogger Vamp DiVerL said...

I'm gonna be completely honest here....I been hearing this story but I repress what I hear/read. I can't even get past the first few sentences in any article I read....too fucking painful. Not that I've been through any thing as horrific, I just can't deal with this in my mind.

At 29/11/07 10:25 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

I know. It's just about the worst fucking thing I can imagine.

At 30/11/07 3:32 pm, Blogger Vamp DiVerL said...

I forgot to say, I use to ride the train with Emo Philips aboard to Chicago sometimes. He lived in Downer's Grove. I lived in Berwyn. I'd sit on the top row and stare down at him, only once saying, "Hi, Emo!" Yes, such an obnoxius voice indeed.


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