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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Need An Old Priest And A Youn....Ah Screw It

While reading my morning links and such, I came across an article from the Sydney Morning Herald that told of a poor woman (named Janet Moses) who was killed by her family in an exorcism. Nice, eh?

The article comes with a handy Q&A about silly Maori bullshit ideas like curses, "expert religious practitioners" (I'm guessing these are the exorcists), and what people believe about...well...these weirdyass beliefs. Take, for example, this answer to the eternal question, "What can it (the curse) do?"
In extreme cases a makutu is believed to kill its victim. A victim who is told, or believes, that ill- health or bad luck is the result of a makutu would seek its removal.
I find it difficult to believe that people still believe in curses. Didn't Snow White have a curse put on her? The Beast from Beauty and the Beast? What about the Frog Prince? The Little Mermaid? I was under the impression that Disney had the monopoly on curses. And another thing - wouldn't a person who was just in plain ol' ill-health, regardless of what they believed caused it, "seek its removal"? Right. Thanks, Captain Obvious.

Grown adult human-beings (up to 40 of them!) holding a person down (under water, for chrissake!) or watching intently so the "demon" can be excised after a "curse" was put on the victim - are you shitting me? All that because of this:
A relative said yesterday that the family believed a curse was put on Moses after someone, either her sister or a cousin, stole a blessed taonga (treasure).
Yeah, cursed for stealing a blessed treasure. Sort of like Aladdin's monkey stealing the big jewel from the Panther Cave and getting trapped inside. Well, that or the plot from an Indiana Jones movie. I can't believe I have to write about this shit.

So yeah, enjoy that bit of pointless sadness today and check back again soon - motivation slowly rising...rising, falling...RISING! Ahhh....

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