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Friday, December 14, 2007

Deepak Winfrey and her Millions!

The new issues of Oprah's vanity-and-fluff magazine O, as well as the "we run the same must-know sex trick article every fucking month" magazine, Cosmopolitan, are only putting the Canadian price on the cover. They say this is to "avoid confusion" between the U.S. price and the Canadian cost. Apparently two sets of numbers clearly labelled "U.S." and "Can." are too confusing for us backward Northeners.

Of course, what it's really about is blatantly overcharging Canadian customers by as much as 30% for the same bullshit they unload south of the border and eliminating the obvious discrepancy. When the currencies are basically at parity, there's no excuse to keep the inflated price, but Oprah loves that money, so she breaks out the Professional Size Fuck Your Ass dildo and inserts as required.

Deepak Winfrey - yeah, that about sums her up. Pawning off stupid feel-good pablum to the ignorant masses while swimming all night in her money pool, Scrooge McDuck style.Scrooge McDuck Money Pool
I wish karma was real so I could watch a girl from Oprah's "leadership academy" grow up and just take everything from her. Set Oprah back to her humble beginnings, all because a young girl saw through the bullshit and did us all a favor.

Ah well, we know the reality, let's not mess with fantasy.

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At 15/12/07 1:47 pm, Anonymous MarkusH said...

We have oparah running here in Finland occasionally. I have watched one show, the one that had criminal john edwards do his eatthatpersonsmemories bullshit.

Oprah is an asshole.

At 16/12/07 3:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Starbucks is doing the same thing. Not lowering the Canadian prices, just removing (and very obviously) the US. price from the tags.


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