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Monday, December 03, 2007

I Prefer Rum and Sodomy with my Lash, But I Guess Brits & Teddies Will Have To Do

The president of Sudan finally pardoned that British schoolteacher, one Ms. Gibbons, for allowing her six and seven year old students to name a teddy bear "Muhammed". It's about fucking time, but did the president of the country really have to get involved?

I've said it before, overbearing religion acts like your parents. When thousands of Sudanese poured out of mosques, all rallied up and ready for a lynchin' and a lashin', they needed to be calmed down like a bunch of hyperactive, well, six and seven year olds. They were told that the teacher was "just" going to get 15 days in prison and deportation, but that wasn't good enough (with a crossing of the arms and a *stomp* *stomp* of the foot).

Offenses against God or Muhammed (peace be upon him) must be punished because after creating the Heavens and the Earth and all that dwell here, he's a bit tired and can't do his own retributions anymore. If someone offends him now, he sort of has to lay back and just sub-contract the punishments to us, the loyal followers!

Allahu Akbar? Well, I guess not so much anymore if he needs his minions to do his work for him. Pat Condell lays bare the stupidity of the "crime of blasphemy" at the 3:10 mark, check it out (and his other great videos, too).

I wonder if the Muslims in Sudan will go after Omar al-Bashir now because he denied "God's punishment"? Those wacky fundies will always find someone to kick the fuck out of!

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