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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Podcast 3

Ok, so here's the third in the series of recent podcasts. I'm really enjoying making these and playing around with the audio thingy (Audacity). This one's only about 5 minutes or thereabouts so I hope the brevity is alright. As always, let me know what you think and have a safe/fun holiday.

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At 17/12/07 1:30 pm, Blogger Maakuz said...

From technical point of view, I find your podcasts to be 5 star rating; your voice is loud and clear, no disturbing background noises, nothing.

And obviously, I really like your opinions and arguments. Im a fan of every person that lives in the Real World and talks about the Real World. Keep up the good work!

At 17/12/07 5:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me like it too. A suggestion: you may want to put this on iTunes (I think it's free), so we (i.e., I) can download it and listen on our favorite mp3 players.

At 17/12/07 6:53 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Thanks guys! I'll look into the iTunes thing and see if I can work it. Tons of people have them up there, so it can't be that hard.

At 18/12/07 3:54 pm, Blogger Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

"Snowing like a Mofo"

I wish it were cold here. I am sweating like crazy here man. 30 degrees and humid

At 18/12/07 8:27 pm, Blogger ordinary girl said...

I was able to subscribe through iTunes and the third episode just updated.

If you click the Podcast button on the Twango page it should subscribe you, I think.

At 21/12/07 7:19 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

although i agree 100% with what you said, i can't help but be amused at the (possible) irony that the reason there won't be a podcast next week is due to christmas?!

At 21/12/07 7:51 am, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Ha! That's true, eh? I should have just said that I'm too busy with having family over and crap like that to be ranting in my living room into a microphone.

Good point, though!

At 28/12/07 3:54 pm, Blogger ordinary girl said...

I've finally listened to all three.

I think you have a great voice for podcasting and you make your points clearly and without rambling on, off-subject.

The podcasts remind me a little bit of Skeptoid, but you're funnier. Keep them up!


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