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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What Did I Say About Sherri Shepard?

"I don't think anything predated Christians." Fuck me in the ass, that's right up there with all the other top-shelf stupid.

"Idiot" is all I can say. That's it.

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At 4/12/07 10:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus (pardon the pun)!! You have TWO JEWS on stage and Sherri has the nuts to say there was "nothing predating Christians"??? WTF? I'm actually disappointed in Whoopi and Joy for not putting her ass firmly in place.

At 5/12/07 7:00 am, Anonymous theGuy said...

You see the look on Goldberg’s face. I think her lack of response was due to the most devastating religious weapon, Stupidity (Yes it warrants an upper case). I have often been struck mute by the level of ignorance and fucking idiocy of the religious. How do you responded to a comment like that, other than a R.B.S. (running bitch slap).

At 5/12/07 4:22 pm, Anonymous Bill said...

When her first comments came out about not knowing or caring if the world was round I just thought she was being funny. You know, humor through absuridity. I was wrong. She really is fuckin stupid.

At 5/12/07 10:57 pm, Blogger Post-Diluvian Diaspora said...

Joy Behar is not Jewish. I'm not sure about Whoopi Goldberg (which, of course, is not her birth name).

Her comments don't surprise me that much. Somebody has to be at that end of the distribution.

At 6/12/07 11:25 am, Blogger King Aardvark said...


The surprise isn't that someone out there is that stupid, it's that that someone is on TV and, you know, actually being paid to talk. [sigh] It's just sad, that's all.

Has anyone heard what the response to her has been in Christian circles? Is she being held up as an paragon of unending faith or are they silently shaking their heads in frustration?


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