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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Letter to the Afgahn Embassy

Here is my letter to the U.S. Afghanistan embassy in defense of Sayed Parwez Kambakhsh. Please write (here: as well and if you can, write your MP and even to the Prime Minister (not that he'll care, but it's worth the minimal effort of a short note).

Can someone tell me what the fuck we're doing over there if this is the sort of shit that's going on?
To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to express concern for the handling of the Sayed Parwez Kambakhsh case in Afghanistan. It is my understanding that he has been sentenced to death for the "crime" of blasphemy after downloading and circulating an internet report regarding Islam's treatment of women and how fundamentalist Muslims have used the Koran to justify their misogyny.

My initial reaction is to wonder why Canada remains in Afghanistan since it seems as though the Taliban were never really taken out of power. In a democratic society, or at least one that pretends to be democratic, opposing viewpoints are to be addressed and discussed - not squashed out of fear and want of control.

Blasphemy makes no sense as a "crime"; it is an admission of the prosecution that their supposedly all-powerful deity cannot handle being offended and must pass the task of punishment on to his/her/its followers. It is proof positive that religious acolytes need to see and administer punishment for their own enjoyment because they are unable to leave it to their God. Is Islam really so weak and vulnerable that mere discussion could bring about its demise? Are people who simply talk about and stimulate debate so dangerous to the "all-powerful" Allah that they must be executed by his faith-blinded followers?

After being convicted by a religious court, it is the demand of this writer that President Hamid Karzai pardon Sayed Parwez Kambakhsh, clear his name, and eliminate any type of similar prosecution in the future. It is obvious that Canada should not be present to protect the demands of religious fanatics to murder fellow citizens with different opinions.

Concerned For Your Future,

Michael McCarron
Whitby, Ontario, Canada
(tip to Larry Moran at Sandwalk and Ron at The Frame Problem)

LOL 79

Oh it's the Skeptic's Circle, baby. Get ready to Rool with teh Lol-ling. Check it out right here, courtesy of PodBlack Cat.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

DaveScot - Dodging 101

I love this. When an obvious question can't be answered, DaveScot over at Uncommon Descent just writes this:
Permutations of the question “Who designed the designer?” are trite, easily addressed, and if you read the moderation rules you’ll find that comments using this and other trite arguments are deleted. There is not enough data to make any determination of who designed the designer. When and if we can identify the designer of organic life on this planet we might have some data to work with in determining the origin of that agency. Until that situation changes, maybe SETI will give us some data someday, there’s no point in asking the question over and over again.
Right. So because no one can answer that nagging problem in your shitty idea, you just declare the question moot and move along with the more important stuff, like making shit up about "designers" and "intelligence in the Universe". Oh, and whining like nobody's business.

I love that there's, "...not enough data to make any determination of who designed the designer", but he has no doubt that the "designer" exists at all. Or maybe it's aliens. Could always be aliens.

You know, if the LogicMonster showed up at DaveScot's house, he'd shoot himself in the face.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Denyse O'Leary is Insane and/or Retarded

I thought I'd pop over to Dembski's Uncommon Descent blog (no, I won't link) just to see what stupidity they're slinging these days and I was unfortunate enough to get O'Leary's post about predictions. At least I think that's what it was about. Her "writing" leaves a lot to be desired, as does her logic.

And by "logic", I mean "insanity". She was moaning about how the bad, mean "Darwinists" (who the fuck uses that word, anyway?) were ranting about one of her previous posts on predictions and she goes all weirdy with this little gem:
Anyway, predictions, predictions. What does Darwinian evolution predict?

Strictly speaking, nothing. By definition, it is the one form of evolution that banished purpose (teleology) from nature. That was supposed to be its big advantage, right? So by definition, it makes no predictions. Not that you’d know, from Darwinist huffing.
I'm curious if she's heard of the fossil called Tiktaalik, found on Ellesmere Island by researchers who were...wait for it...looking for a fossil just like it!

Yeah, see, understanding evolution through natural selection allows scientists (real scientists) to make predictions about what they will find by way of transitional fossils, then go and look where they should be, and WOW! There they are!

I guess O'Leary is too busy being vague and yelling nonsensical things about "Darwinists" and linking to her other 439 blogs to get to reading a science text.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Youtube Hilarity

This is my favorite spoof movie trailer. When you're done watching, go and check out Must Love Jaws and Glen & Gary & Glen & Ross.

Podcast 7 - Pascal's Twist

A shortish podcast this week tipping the scales at a mere 7 minutes, I decided to chat about the possibility of a God who wants us to not believe. Perhaps an aspect of Pascals' Wager that Christians (or any believer) don't entertain often enough. Oh, and don't listen loudly at work - there's "bad words". :)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

From The Mailbag

I got this comment in response to my post on Reiki:

I have come to terms with the fact that I am (for lack of a better adjective) a GIFTED person. I felt connected to many individuals by some kind of ELECTRICITY that would literally give me mild shocks once in awhile. I never knew how or why I felt connected to some people and not others.
Long story short,If I glide my hands over an individuals body, I can feel the heat from a problem area. I close my eyes and just know where the pain is on the person. I can see the shape of the area, I know how far into the body the pain is, and also can feel the intensity of the pain or ache.
I also can tell if the person is not having pain at that time but does have reoccuring pain or discomfort in certain areas of the body. I know this ability is weird. Hey, I am in awe when moving my little hands over a person and I hit the spot. It very freaky to me especially, since I have been 100% correct. far out huh?
I've been told that I have an inate healing energy. First time I even heard the word "energy" used in that context.
I've taken away pain on a few people. I don't have a clue other than praying silently while putting my hands on the painful area, how I do it. Perhaps it's the praying.
I've been told many times that I should study reiki. I never heard of reiki but was told that I would learn how to save lives. It was explained to me that I would become like dr. that heals with energy.
well, my quest for knowledge has now ended. I have natural abilites so why should I fill my head with foreign terms like "chakra,meridians and nordis"?
I could go on and on here talking about the fact that this person is deluded (which is obvious) and needs to read a lot more actual science books (again, obvious), but that's pointless. Anyone who's correct "100%" of the time should be applying for and collecting Randi's prize. It's not off the table yet and it's a million dollars. Go win your fortune. Once you realize you're crazy, then you can come back here and we'll talk.

Deepak on Big Ideas

Big Ideas had Douchepak Chumpra lecturing on the topic of "consciousness" - which is sort of like having a babbling infant "talking" for an hour on the topic of sidereal movement. You'd get as much relevant information from both. I subjected myself to this lecture for you, my loyal readers. I don't expect much in the way of thanks...just adoration and the occasional C-note.

Alright, so Chump started with a nice story about cremating his dad. I'm being genuine for the moment - it was a nice story. Then he talked about how some kids used the draft of the cremation fire to fly their kite. Oh, and they heard a wedding band during the funeral ceremony. That's life, he says. Ok, sure, circle of life stuff; it's bland and predictable, but I'll give it a pass.

Then he said, "Life contains everything". Wow. Deep. About as deep, in fact, as a piece of wet toilet paper. That led into this pearl of Eastern Wisdom: "If you don't have a shadow, you're probably standing in the dark, because if you're standing in light, there's a shadow" ...Yeah, unless it's noon. Just so it's crystal clear, Chump's annoying blathering is extraordinarily difficult to sit through. I was trying to pay attention and I ended up drifting to more pressing mental tasks like lint-fishing in my bellybutton.

Of course, he then goes into the tired, "existence is improbable" and, "the question in science is: 'is this all a big accident'? 'Is everything totally meaningless'", bullshit. What a tremendous Douche. I mean, either he's totally clueless or he's purposefully dishonest and misleading. I think it's the former because he then said for everyone to get the "meaningless life" perspective, they should read, Richard Dawkins and "Christian Hutchens" (sic). So he's insulting and criticizing at least one person he can't even remember properly. Nice. I wonder if he thinks God Is Not Great is about an old man with a beard up in the sky. Pak says that both "Hutchens" and Dawkins are criticizing a strawman version of religion, but that outs him as either not having read the books or not understanding them. I tend to think the latter once again.

He then mumbles about how in the Universe there, "...are no random events - what we call random events are actually 'syncronocity'". Do you think he actually believes that or is he just talking about stupid shit so he can keep his nice Jag? I mean, check out this pile of retarded spew: "How can we comprehend the whole unless we go beyond ordinary states of consciousness?" What the fuck does this even mean? How does he propose to "go beyond" and still understand anything? Man, what a tremendous Douche.

Here's a couple more Lines of Classic Douche:

"Your body is recycled other bodies."

"Our thoughts are recycled information."

"In science today, we are more confused than ever." This one is only true if you replace "we are" with "I am".

"The brain responds to states within the body, not what's happening outside." This is one of the most violently stupid things that ever dripped out of a mouth-breather's face. Possibly second only to this one:
"Imagine a sunset - if I go into your brain, I won't see a picture of a sunset. How does a charge across a cell membrane make a picture?" I'm pretty sure that ignorance doesn't equal bullshit explanations being true. I mean, for fuck's sake, he asked a woman in the audience what she had for lunch. She had king salmon and when Douche asked if she remembered the experience, she said yes. He then said, "Where was that information before I asked the question? If I go in her brain...there's no place that said 'salmon for lunch'...that information wasn't in her brain, it was in her consciousness." Yeah, I know - FUCK ME! The stupid! "Where we go when we die is where that salmon is right now." So when you die you get to go chill with all the food you ever ate? Man, I bet Heaven is filled with cows who want to kick my ASS. What sort of afterlife is that? Just an endless series of beatings from all the animals I've ever eaten, eternally trying to avenge my crime of killing them for food.

After that, we got into one of Chump's must talk about, topics: the fact that, "The universe is all vibrations...While your body is doing that (vibrating), it attracts the movements of stars and planets because your biological rhythms are the symphony of the whole Universe. The reason we call it a 'universe' is, that's what it means, 'One song', and we're all part of that song." Then he mentioned Einstein's quote about God, "not playing dice with the Universe", once again illustrating his complete misunderstanding of the words of others. Einstein was, of course, referring to his dislike of the role of chance in quantum mechanics. His views on religion are illustrated by this quote:
"It was, of course, a lie what you read about my religious convictions, a lie which is being systematically repeated. I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly."
You'd think Douche would have done an 8 second google search to check himself.... And his ignorance of actions at a distance is staggering. "Our vibrations" attract the movement of the stars and planets? Is he fucking serious? That's a special, extra-crispy variety of stupid.

Ok, we're getting near the end, but I have to mention that he said this: "If you watch your thoughts, you'll see that they arise and then they subside.
There was a time when this microphone didn't exist and there'll be a time when it doesn't a microphone."
My question is this: Do people actually believe this meaningless bullshit? Sure, that's a bit rhetorical because the mofo's rich as Liberace, but damn.

Lastly, we have the crowning jewel of his Choprawoo, this statement:
To be fully awake in the fullness of our own consciousness is a privilege only we have as human beings Through us and our nervous systems, the Universe has chosen to be aware of itself.
Holy woo, Batman. How does this freak know that we're the only species that are self aware? How does he know that the "Universe" chooses? How can you be older than 30 and use the phrase "to be fully awake in the fullness..."?

That's all I can stand to write about this weirdo. I'll have to go watch a physics video or something now to cleanse my brain.

Science in an Age of Endarkenment

Last night I went to a lecture by Dr. David Colquhoun at the University of Toronto. The talk was on "alternative" medicine and its ineffectiveness and why it seems to be so accepted even at the university and hospital levels, plus the effect that this acceptance has on the general public viewing of these topics.

For a Friday night, there was a darn fine turnout - I'd estimate about 150 or 160 people (although I'm sure some statistics major will correct me on that). Justin Trottier opened with a comment from the Centre for Inquiry, Toronto and then it was into the lecture proper.

Colquhoun had great quality to his talk, but his presentation left a little to be desired, in my opinion. He's not the most engaging speaker in the world and has a bit of a habit of talking under his breath for the last half of paragraphs, almost mumbling to himself. That said, the section on homeopathy was quite entertaining, particularly the bit where he said that in order to get one molecule of active ingredient in a 30c homeopathic pill, you'd have to ingest a spherical pill with a diameter of 150,000,000 kilometers (roughly the distance from the Earth to the Sun).

He mentioned the term "quackademics", which I hadn't heard before and though hilarious. I shall steal this and use it often. Throughout the talk he plugged some books that he thought interesting like How Mumbo Jumbo Conquered the World by Francis Wheen and Suckers: How Alternative Medicine Makes Fools of Us All, by Rose Shapiro.

It was at this point and for the rest of the time I found my attention wandering. Even during the questions I struggled to pay attention, with one notable exception of a young looking doctor who attempted to take the audience to task for a "fundamentalist" attitude and for not being more critical of Colquhoun. He was quite adamant that the practitioners of "alternative" medicine raised good questions and then, quite to his detriment, brought up how allopathic medicine "missed" the horrible effects of thalidomide. Colquhoun took him to task over this, correcting his misunderstandings and ignorance. The questioner then started to get heckled a bit and that was that.

Overall it was a good night but I think I'd rather hear Dr. Colquhoun in a radio interview instead of a lecture - which, thankfully, you can! Today, on CBC. Check it out!
(edited to correct my measurement retardedness - tip o' the horn to my fact-checker/proofreader, βper: I think you should be drawing a salary from me!)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Podcast 6 - Marriages, Civil Unions & Heath

Hey y'all, here's the new podcast covering (in a meandering, rather pointless way) marriages, civil unions and my unwritten prediction that Heath Leger's death would provoke the condemnations of fucktard religious folks. Enjoy and as always, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Fair Comparison?

Sherri Shepard - Not so much educated. born-again Christian. Doesn't believe in evolution. Not sure if the world is round or flat. Thinks Christians predate Greeks and that nothing came before Jesus.

Mike Huckabee - Has graduate degree in religion but dropped out in first year of seminary. Doesn't believe in evolution and says if you want to believe that you "came from apes" that you can go ahead and do that. Would like to amend the constitution to make Jesus happy.

Do you really want Mike "Sherri Shepard" Huckabee in the White House?

The Unequal "I Don't Know"

I was thinking of the debate between Dinesh D'Souza and Daniel Dennett again the other day and something D'Souza said made me go, "hmmmm...." He said something to the effect of, "In the end, both Dan and I are coming from a position of ignorance and have to say, 'I don't know'."

Now, that's a true statement. I'm not arguing against that, but what made me get a bit pissy was that the same statement can mean different things and coming from each of these men, it carries different weight.

When you're thinking about the beginning of the Universe (for example), you can come from a religious viewpoint or a scientific viewpoint (again, I'm simplifying for illustration). The religious person says something like, "Science has explained much of what I see but when we get to the start of it all, there had to be some 'Maker' who put it all in motion and who intervenes on occasion to tweak something or help out." In D'Souza's case, this is the Christian god of the Bible.

A scientific person looks at the beginning of the Universe and says something like, "The wonders of the cosmos are staggering and it's amazing that scientists have been able to unravel many of the mysteries. The Big Bang theory seems plausible for the start of the Universe, but what started it and what was "there" before is a mystery that will likely never be solved."

Ok, now the difference in these points of view is that one is based on what we see around us, has been tested against what we have found out about the Universe, predictions have been made according to the theory (scientific theory, that is) that have subsequently been shown to be true (the existence of cosmic background radiation, for one), and it admits that there are still shortcomings in the explanation - leaving the ending open for further investigation.

A little honesty from the religious side is all I'm asking for. They say, "we don't know", but what they're really saying is, "We know the Way and the Light, we know for sure, for certain that God is the means and the Maker and we should all follow his rules here on Earth. We know it all because it's all here in the Bible, the revealed word of our Lord. But we don't know."

This is pretty much the textbook case for Occam's Razor: Do not posit plurality unless necessary. Or in more modern terms: Don't make shit up, unless. Unless what? Unless we absolutely gots ta.

"Goddidit" is not an answer, it's the same as saying "I don't know" only with the hanger-on of stupid rules and hatred and ignorance-with-attitude and the halt of actual inquiry with fatuous "authority". Religious folks like Dinesh are so uncomfortable with honestly saying, "I don't know" that they just can't leave it at that. They have to break the razor and make stuff up so they have the gap filled with shit instead of studying or waiting for people smarter to study and fill the gap with gleaned knowledge.

The religious position is anti-intellectual and doesn't offer anything but made up fairy tales in place of (often in direct opposition to) reality. When a religious person says, "Well, neither of us really know", he's lying in his heart and more of us should call them out.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jerry O'Connell Skewers Tom Cruise

You need to go here right now and watch Jerry make SO MUCH fun of Tom Cruise. It's hilarious if you've already watched the crazy video.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Joe Rogan on Pot, Suicide Bombers, Noah's Ark, and More

Here's part one:
And part two - the Noah's Ark bit:
Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been working and had a wicked headache today. New podcast coming soon.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

Shock Doctrine cover
I just finished reading The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, by Naomi Klein. I quite enjoyed it but it was the sort of book that's good because it makes you angry. I've heard some criticism but none that has really rung true yet - people bitch that she's a "liberal" or a "lefty" but then don't give specifics about why she's wrong. I mean, check this out with respect to Donald Rumsfeld:
When he accepted Bush's nomination as defense secretary, Rumsfeld, like all public officials, was required to divest himself of any holdings that stood to lose or gain from decisions he might make while in office...When it came to Gilead Sciences, the company Rumsfeld used to chair and that held the patent on Tamiflu (the vaccine for "Bird Flu" or "Avian Flu")...he simply refused...Rumsfeld's defiance definitely paid off. If he had sold his Gilead stocks at inauguration, in January 2001, he would have received a mere $7.45 each. By keeping them through all the avian flu scares...Rumsfeld ended up with stocks worth $67.60 each when he left office - an 807% increase.
Now, Donald Rumsfeld's defense secretary portfolio included disease outbreaks and the response, so wouldn't that be pretty much the definition of "conflict of interest"? And you should read the shit about Cheney and Halliburton.

Klein makes a convincing case and it's certainly worth a read if you're in the vein.

Yeah...That's Right

I am 76% Evil Genius.
Evil to the Bone!
I am pure evil. I lie awake at night devising schemes of world domination, and I will not rest until all living souls bend to my will.

(tip to Happy Jihad's House of Pancakes

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tom Cruise is Certifiably Insane (and a crappy actor)

Go to and watch the video of Tom Cruise being all insane and incoherent. It's worth it just to put all those stories about him being bat-shit-fuckin' crazy in perspective - he's really that nuts.

No joke, he's going to be the Scientology Ultimate Grand PooBah very soon. Watch.

(tip to PZ for being the first site that I saw to link to this video)

Mike Huckabee Is Insane

Ok, so you're a really super duper religious fella - what's the best way to get elected president? Is it to temper your views a tad so you appeal to a more mainstream audience and then, once you've gotten into office, go all wacky bat-shit and put your insane religious plans into action, OR is it to be completely hairy-nuts crazy out there on the campaign trail for all to see?

Mike Huckabee is not smart. He said that the 10 Commandments are in the Supreme Court, which is, well, demonstrably wrong. Here's his actual quote from the article:
He also said he “wouldn’t hesitate” to put up the Ten Commandments, pointing out that they are in the Supreme Court as well and that they “form the basis for most of our laws.”
Ok, let's ignore that the 10 Commandments are only illustrated (not listed) in the Supreme Court in a frieze that also depicts Menes, Lycurgus, Draco, Augustus, Justinian, Napoleon, Muhammad (holding a Koran, no less!) and Hammurabi, the latter receiving his laws from the god Shamash. That makes a "pagan" god the only one depicted on the Supreme Court! Please don't believe me, but check it out for yourself. Doesn't that, by Huckabee's logic, mean that the U.S. laws are based on a Babylonian Sun God? Also note that Moses is given no special place up there.

If Huckabee wants a theocracy, he should check out how those types of governments are fairing around the world. Also, with respect to his constitution, I think this is the bit he wants to change - it's the First Amendment, commonly known as the Establishment Clause:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Do any of you really want to give this up or change it?

The U.S. is not a Christian nation. If any journalist out there decides to grow a pair, you might want to call Huckabee out on his bullshit because if he is allowed to get away with being an uninformed (at best) fucktard, that's what you'll get as the leader of your country. Oh, and don't tell me that it won't happen or that he'll get beat soundly "later" - just take a look at the chimp you have leading now.

Get on your horses, people. If now's not the time and if Huckabee's not the guy, nothing will rouse you from your apathetic slumber.

Mick? Mick? Ah Well, He's No More

As much fun as it is to have my own fucked up Christian troll, I'm not going to take any more comments from Micky. They'll be deleted as soon as I notice them because...well...he's fucking insane and is providing nothing to argue with. If he actually took the time to put an idea together, then maybe I'd entertain the thought of engaging the guy in a debate or something. However, whenever I see something written in the comments of this (or any other) blog, it's the same cut and pasted crap or it's insane ranting with tons of "HA! HA!" and the standard "Were you sexually abused as a child?"

So no more Micky.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Podcast 5

Well, here we are at number five already. This one runs just over 9 minutes and hits on a subject near and dear to our hearts - talking to credulous people about shit that is likely not real. Enjoy and, as always, I'd love to hear your thoughts (unless you're the crazy Christian posting stupid jokes in the comments - not pointing elbows or anything...MICKY).

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Goal is to Not Die

I'm heading out tomorrow morning to go ice fishing for the weekend with a bunch of guys. Ideally I won't fall through the ice and die, but regardless I shant be posting from a hut in the middle of frozen Lake Nipissing. Hopefully I'll have some cool pictures of giant Northern Pike to show upon my return, but I'll be happy with being able to just...well...not die.

Have a good one.

(update: Ice fishing was canceled because there was not enough ice. Sucky, but it's good to not die. Expect some posts and potentially a podcast this weekend.)

Maybe He'll Convince You To Try Salmon Fishing

I realize a bunch of other bloggers already posted on this, but I have to as well because it's just too good.

This reject named Harun Yahya, who claims to be an Islamic weirdy-type fella, doesn't think evolution happened and as "proof" made this big shiny Atlas of Creation. That's a bit on the pretentious side for a book full of pictures - one of a fossil creature and another of the "living" parallel today with, apparently, no changes - thus disproving evolution.

The hilarious part is that a couple of the pictures are outright stolen from other sources and over at Forbidden Music you can see them...and they're fishing lures complete with hook. It's awesome that he's that dum da dum dummmmm.

Also, as FM suggests, go to Graham Owens's site (the guy who ties the flies) and check out his mad tying skills. It's crazy.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Extra-Creepy Fuckalicious

Ok, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with Catholics? They want to exhume Padre Pio who died in 1968 so the freaks can pray over him and get their three wishes (or some other equally stupid shit).

For those who don't know, Padre Pio was:
a 20th century mystic monk said to have suffered from stigmata...was said to have wrestled with the devil in his monastery cell and also to have predicted future events...(and) was even said to have had the power to appear in two places at once.
So basically he was an amature magician who was like Jim Carrey in the bathroom scene of Liar Liar mixed with a bit of Arnold in Total Recall. Well worth the price of admission - dig homeboy up!

A weird little tidbit of the story is that:
A Catholic magazine once found far more Italian Catholics pray to him than any other icon of the faith, including the Virgin Mary or Jesus.
Wouldn't that constitute some sort of blasphemy or religious faux-pas? Shouldn't Jebus be the top dog, so to speak? Maybe I'm too strict in my lapsed Catholicism....

Of course there's people who don't want the former Francesco Forgione dug up and displayed like some holy aged meat product. Like his family, for instance. I hope they win their case because I can't think of anything more fucking creepy than displaying a 40-year old corpse so weepy dipshits can ask it for advice.

Think about that for a second; imagine that some people decided to dig up their dad 40 years after he died so they could display him in their living room at a family reunion. Would you think that was a sweet act allowing the rest of his kin the chance to "visit", or would you think they were a bunch of retarded gomers who were possibly insane? I lean towards the latter.

(hat tip to Stardust over at God is for Suckers for the link.)

Monday, January 07, 2008

Prayer to Stop the Child-Fuckin'

Yeah, this'll work. Continuous prayer to stop paedophiles...seriously - is there a way that the Pope and the Catholic Church could do less about the problem? I don't think so. Oh, and this is nice:
Officials said that the prayers were in addition to support for legal action against paedophile priests by their victims and a code adopted two years ago by the Vatican to try to ensure that men “with deep-seated homosexual tendencies” do not enter seminaries to train for the priesthood.
Um, not to burst that discriminatory bubble that the dudes in Rome seem to live in, but homosexuals aren't paedophiles - people who fuck little kids are. That's sort of an important distinction to keep clear in your pointly little vacant heads, churchies.

Prayer...fuck. That's like having a mountain lion attack you and you trying to stop the impending mauling and death by singing Video Killed the Radio Star. This is quite possibly the most ineffective idea of all time. Ranks right up there with meditation to lower a city's crime rate. Assheads.

Help Out a Friend

Head on over to Berlzebub's Inferno and check out the donation drive for Possum Momma. Give if you can - it's certainly for a good cause.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Podcast 4 - Predictions

Hey all, here's the newest podcast with my "psychic" predictions for 2008. It's about 6.5 minutes long so enjoy if you choose!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Skeptic's Circle #77!

Ye ol' Skeptic's Circle is up once again over at White Coat Underground and it has that extra-crispy feel of luck all over it, what with the double 7s up there. Go check it out and revel in the science. Revel in it!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hungover? Drink Some Rabbit Poo Tea!

In doing my first-of-2008 readings, I noticed an article at that went over some hangover cures. The one that stood out was the old cowboy cure of drinking tea made with rabbit shit. You read that correctly; rabbit shit.

So my question is this: Do you have to plan ahead if you're going to drink, then collect some shit the afternoon before so you'll have it on-hand in the morning, or do you spend the morning when you're hung looking for a fucking rabbit to pooper-scooper? Do you have to own a rabbit and keep it in your chuck wagon for just such an occasion (and also for meat or can milk a can milk anything with nipples...I heard that in a movie once)? What if you're a cowboy who just rides around on a horse - do you have to have a rabbit in the saddlebag just chillin'?

By answering one question, so many more are answered.

I guess it's no more weird than Kopi Lewak coffee. This little critter, the palm civet:
The palm civet - the poo coffee master
...eats only the ripest coffee beans in the jungle, then poops out a "naturally fermented" product that, once the excrement is hosed off, makes the world's most expensive coffee (at $115/lb).

Call me a culinary weakling, but I'm not going to drink fuckin' weasel shit. And with that, welcome to 2008, friends.