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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

DaveScot - Dodging 101

I love this. When an obvious question can't be answered, DaveScot over at Uncommon Descent just writes this:
Permutations of the question “Who designed the designer?” are trite, easily addressed, and if you read the moderation rules you’ll find that comments using this and other trite arguments are deleted. There is not enough data to make any determination of who designed the designer. When and if we can identify the designer of organic life on this planet we might have some data to work with in determining the origin of that agency. Until that situation changes, maybe SETI will give us some data someday, there’s no point in asking the question over and over again.
Right. So because no one can answer that nagging problem in your shitty idea, you just declare the question moot and move along with the more important stuff, like making shit up about "designers" and "intelligence in the Universe". Oh, and whining like nobody's business.

I love that there's, "...not enough data to make any determination of who designed the designer", but he has no doubt that the "designer" exists at all. Or maybe it's aliens. Could always be aliens.

You know, if the LogicMonster showed up at DaveScot's house, he'd shoot himself in the face.

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At 31/1/08 1:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course the irony here is the UD, unlike normal blogs, never publish comments they don't agree with anymore, unless it is the mildest of criticisms. Even when I'm being nice and reasonable my comments very rarely get posted.

And of course their other silly self-imposed self-important rule is that nobody is allowed to even mention the identify of the Designer let alone the Designer's daddy. Except of course, Dembski forgets his own rules once in a while and just comes out and says that the Big ID Guy-in-the-Sky is no less that Big Nasty Yahweh and His Boy Wonder Jebus. Oops. The fundamentalist mindset is truly a wonder to behold.

And the question I'd like to ask is, why is DaveScot the best they can do for a resident scientist, who doesn't even use his real name?

At 31/1/08 9:08 am, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Exactly, on all counts. DaveScot's comment reminds me of that scene from Liar Liar where the prosecution is playing a tape of Jim Carrey's client having sex with a guy other than her husband. Carrey jumps up and demands that the evidence be stricken from the record and when the judge asks why, Carrey responds, "Because, your Honour, it's devastating to my case!"


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