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Saturday, January 26, 2008

From The Mailbag

I got this comment in response to my post on Reiki:

I have come to terms with the fact that I am (for lack of a better adjective) a GIFTED person. I felt connected to many individuals by some kind of ELECTRICITY that would literally give me mild shocks once in awhile. I never knew how or why I felt connected to some people and not others.
Long story short,If I glide my hands over an individuals body, I can feel the heat from a problem area. I close my eyes and just know where the pain is on the person. I can see the shape of the area, I know how far into the body the pain is, and also can feel the intensity of the pain or ache.
I also can tell if the person is not having pain at that time but does have reoccuring pain or discomfort in certain areas of the body. I know this ability is weird. Hey, I am in awe when moving my little hands over a person and I hit the spot. It very freaky to me especially, since I have been 100% correct. far out huh?
I've been told that I have an inate healing energy. First time I even heard the word "energy" used in that context.
I've taken away pain on a few people. I don't have a clue other than praying silently while putting my hands on the painful area, how I do it. Perhaps it's the praying.
I've been told many times that I should study reiki. I never heard of reiki but was told that I would learn how to save lives. It was explained to me that I would become like dr. that heals with energy.
well, my quest for knowledge has now ended. I have natural abilites so why should I fill my head with foreign terms like "chakra,meridians and nordis"?
I could go on and on here talking about the fact that this person is deluded (which is obvious) and needs to read a lot more actual science books (again, obvious), but that's pointless. Anyone who's correct "100%" of the time should be applying for and collecting Randi's prize. It's not off the table yet and it's a million dollars. Go win your fortune. Once you realize you're crazy, then you can come back here and we'll talk.

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At 26/1/08 11:50 pm, Blogger Bruce said...

I felt connected to many individuals by some kind of ELECTRICITY that would literally give me mild shocks once in awhile.

Dude, we used to do this to each other as kids all the time, it's called STATIC ELECTRICITY. Look into it.

Are these people allowed to drive???

At 27/1/08 12:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...'s my problem with the whole Reiki thing. It wouldn't be odd for them to have clients fill out the general form that people fill out for massages, right? Or, even take a medical history. Or, ask the "patient" why they've come.

I mean...what kind of people are going to seek treatment by Reiki? People who haven't found relief elsewhere. Those people usually have multiple pain spots and watching how they move their bodies can give you an idea of where there problem areas are. Furthermore, I have chronic pain and when someone even remotely gets near the spot with their hands, I involuntarily clench my muscles. This person is probably really receptive to cues others might miss. But, that's all.

I think the only way she could test her claim is to be presented with a patient who's already lying on the table. One that she doesn't know. And, where the history has been kept confidential. And, no touching to feel for tight muscles or other physiological cues. Would she still have a flawless record?

And, finally, just because you can see where a person's pain is doesn't mean your "energy" is actually curing it.

At 27/1/08 11:29 am, Blogger Tea said...

I wish I were GIFTED with ELECTRICITY. I'd snatch those million dollars right out of Randi's magical hands.


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