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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hungover? Drink Some Rabbit Poo Tea!

In doing my first-of-2008 readings, I noticed an article at that went over some hangover cures. The one that stood out was the old cowboy cure of drinking tea made with rabbit shit. You read that correctly; rabbit shit.

So my question is this: Do you have to plan ahead if you're going to drink, then collect some shit the afternoon before so you'll have it on-hand in the morning, or do you spend the morning when you're hung looking for a fucking rabbit to pooper-scooper? Do you have to own a rabbit and keep it in your chuck wagon for just such an occasion (and also for meat or can milk a can milk anything with nipples...I heard that in a movie once)? What if you're a cowboy who just rides around on a horse - do you have to have a rabbit in the saddlebag just chillin'?

By answering one question, so many more are answered.

I guess it's no more weird than Kopi Lewak coffee. This little critter, the palm civet:
The palm civet - the poo coffee master
...eats only the ripest coffee beans in the jungle, then poops out a "naturally fermented" product that, once the excrement is hosed off, makes the world's most expensive coffee (at $115/lb).

Call me a culinary weakling, but I'm not going to drink fuckin' weasel shit. And with that, welcome to 2008, friends.

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At 1/1/08 10:25 pm, Blogger Sara said...

See, the question in my mind is, who was the dude who first came up with the idea of drinking brewed weasel shit?

"No y'all, really! This shit's awesome! Ya gotta try it!"

*Someone* had to be first, after all...

(Happy New Year, btw.)

At 2/1/08 10:33 pm, Blogger Jim Wright said...

See, I wouldn't drink fermented weasel shit or rabbit crap tea if I was hung-over, but, you know, there have been a few nights where I was working on getting hung-over that I might have - depending on what it was mixed with...


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