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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Maybe He'll Convince You To Try Salmon Fishing

I realize a bunch of other bloggers already posted on this, but I have to as well because it's just too good.

This reject named Harun Yahya, who claims to be an Islamic weirdy-type fella, doesn't think evolution happened and as "proof" made this big shiny Atlas of Creation. That's a bit on the pretentious side for a book full of pictures - one of a fossil creature and another of the "living" parallel today with, apparently, no changes - thus disproving evolution.

The hilarious part is that a couple of the pictures are outright stolen from other sources and over at Forbidden Music you can see them...and they're fishing lures complete with hook. It's awesome that he's that dum da dum dummmmm.

Also, as FM suggests, go to Graham Owens's site (the guy who ties the flies) and check out his mad tying skills. It's crazy.

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At 10/1/08 9:55 am, Anonymous βPer said...

Hi Mike,

Your link to Forbidden Music is broken, but it's an easy fix. Interesting pictures!


At 10/1/08 7:33 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Fixed and fixed - thank you sir (once again!)


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