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Monday, February 18, 2008

Absence Explained

So I've been just about as slack as a blogger can be with respect to new posts. There've been a couple little video cop-outs and notifications and such, but no content of substance for quite a while. Basically it's just that I'm either too busy or I'm underwhelmed by the news.

Family and the newfound interest in playing guitar (as of the end of last year) and trying to get back into school -*sigh*, again- have taken most of my free time away. Then, when I do get to read the news and have a chance to get all riled up, it's the same bullshit again and again. Archbishop Cunterbury PooBah Whatsisface over in England trying, very badly, to explain why they should somewhat incorporate Muslim law to be, you know, sensitive. Or Canada easing up on its legislation of "natural health products", it's all just so painfully repetitive that my brain hurts.

I mean, read this from Rowan Williams' little speech:
"...if we are to think intelligently about the relations between Islam and British law, we need a fair amount of 'deconstruction' of crude oppositions and mythologies, whether of the nature of sharia or the nature of the Enlightenment"
No, ass, we need to educate the Islamic folks that religion is just that - religion. It's not a basis for laws in a secular society and if you think it is, boy are you in the fuckin' wrong country. Believe what you want to believe, but in a country of free people, if you want sharia recognized as anything but an outdated, barbaric sky-daddy system of instutional misogyny and silliness, you better bring a lunch while you wait.

So that's why I've been absent for a bit. It's a bad case of the "WBs", or "Why Bother?" syndrome. I mean, if the government can't figure out why the fuck it's a bad idea to let assholes claim to cure cancer with goddamn vitamins, then the game's basically over. And don't get me wrong, I'm reasonably confident that part of the rationale is that the legislators know it's a bad idea, but they don't care because it's the uneducated and gullible who will buy this shit and die. But more importantly, they don't really give a shit because most folks won't have cancer, they'll just be scared and eat vitamins they don't need and have really expensive pee, with taxes and subsidies for all.

My favorite bit from the above is this:
The changes to the federal rules, which take effect June 1, represent a significant boost for the natural health industry, which is eager to increase its credibility and capitalize on a booming market for vitamins and botanical supplements by directly marketing their health claims to consumers.
How telling. The "natural health industry" is eager to increase its credibility by making claims. You know, last I checked, in science, to get more credibility, you have to show that your shit works the way you say it does. Funny how that seems lost in the shuffle.

This bit also kills me:
Companies in the industry say the changes will help Canadians choose products that have the potential to help them..."Consumers want to understand the products that they're purchasing and what the benefits of those products are," said Penelope Marrett, president of the Canadian Health Food Association.
Well, with due respect to Canadians' medical training, I can tell you that most of the people I treat (and I'm just a fuckin' massage therapist) have no idea about their health or how their bodies work. Not to mention the not-inconsequential fact that people could become more educated about the products they're purchasing IF we were guaranteed that the fuckers making the "natural health products" couldn't blatently LIE to people. But the government doesn't seem to care about that little tidbit.

Plus the fact that if I had a nickel for every time someone mentioned "toxins" or how the muscles in their neck is where they "hold their stress", I'd be giving Billy Gates a run for financial security. People ask me about reflexology, ear candling, reiki, cranio-sacral therapy, cupping, acupuncture, iridology, magnet therapy, homeopathy, human energy fields, and all sorts of other stupid shit that, if you're in the business and have any sense of normalcy and skepticism, you know is only for the helmet-headed. But letting charlatans and nutritional con-men (and women) tell the public anything with no repercussions is asking for trouble because a large portion of the population will believe whatever's on the bottle.

I'm trying to get inspired for another podcast as well. I've been way too slack with those - and they're fun to do! Keep popping back and there will be new stuff up, if only weekly as the moniker states. The writing and podcasts will become more regular again because if I've learned one thing it's this: Never underestimate two things - how smart the truly intelligent can be, and how fucking retarded everyone else can be.

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At 18/2/08 4:31 pm, Blogger Maakuz said...

Great post, man!!

Yeah the world is full of shit, and sceptics are the first ones to actually do something about it.

Please continue w the podasts and all...If You will. We need rational bloggers a lot I think, and having stuff like ID is just disgusting:/

GOGOGO, I lack the skillz to be an atheist blogger,but just that I dont know english should not shut me up.

GOGO sir!!

At 19/2/08 12:51 pm, Blogger King Aardvark said...

Very true on all counts, sir.

I hope you get the energy and time back to post more, but as we all know, the blogging bug ebbs and flows; sometimes you'll post a lot, other times weeks pass with nothing. Unless you're PZ that is. The man's truly inhuman.

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