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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Holy Cow "Expelled" Looks Bad

Go check out this review of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed and after laughing out loud, watch the little trailer embedded there.

How retarded is Ben Stein?

At one point he asks something like, "Why is it that in this nation we're allowed the freedom to choose, except in this area (science)." Well, Ben, because that's like "choosing" to believe that you can fly in the face of gravity. Or maybe "choosing" to believe that you have a third arm, contrary to all evidence.

Or, in Stein's case, "choosing" to believe you're anything but a hack wannabe intellectual waving your ignorance around for all to see.

And I love that he bitches about "Darwinists" not wanting dissent or discussion about their pet theory, but he and the film company releasing this pile of shit (yeah, I called it that without seeing it - but I plan to subject myself to a viewing and a review when it's released, so bite me) are screening it to religious sycophants while getting everyone to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Fortunately, the reviewer linked to refused to give the ol' John Henry.

To top it all off, how low do you have to stoop to use a fucking Ferris Bueller reference? Seriously man, that was 22 years ago. Get over it. Get a new reference. Oh, wait, I guess that's sort of like asking Arnold to stop using catch phrases from his shitty '80s action movies in his political speeches.

Finally, stolen blatantly from King Aardvark who took it from Hemant, I give you this:Ben Stein Visine
As Colbert would say: "Ahh, the Truthiness!"

2 Barbaric Yawps:

At 28/2/08 3:05 pm, Anonymous Yojimbo said...

The sad thing is, I think Ben actually knows better, but he thinks pandering to this crowd will somehow be useful to him.

Either that, or it is possible for someone to be both reasonably intelligent and monumentally stupid at the same time. In that case, though, I'd expect him to annihilate, like matter and antimatter.

At 28/2/08 4:58 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Oh, would that he'd just disappear. Alas, he seems like just another member of the Cognitive Dissonance Club.


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