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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jewish Insanity

I understand that if people choose to be crazy religious, it's their right. I think it's retarded, but whatever. Why should they care what I think? And for that matter, why should anyone in a religious community care what other people in their community think as long as you're following your faith in your way?

Well, throw that idea right out the fucking window with respect to insane fundie Jews. If you thought that the new indie Natalie Portman movie was going to have Hasidic actor Abe Karpen in it, you'd be wrong. See, he had to drop out because he had to hold Natalie's hand in the film (oh, and because Hollywood is evil and so are all movies), which he didn't want to do - that's against their religion as he can't even hold his wife's hand in public.

And did I mention that he's 25 years old, is married, and is a father of three? Fuck, that's crazy by itself.

Karpen said:
"It's a lot of pressure I am getting. They [the rabbis] didn't like the idea of a Hasidic guy playing in Hollywood...I have my kids in religious schools and the rabbi called me over yesterday and said in order for me to keep my kids in the school I have to do what they tell me and back out"

Yeah, and Karpen's buddy had this to say in the article:
His longtime friend Levi Okunov said the Karpens had to flee the city for the weekend. "The community wants to kill him," he said.
Kill him. For being in a fucking movie. A movie about love. Nice. Sure, they probably don't mean kill him in the literal (dare I say, biblical) sense, but in the more passive/aggressive everyday sense of, "we're really really really angry with you and will pass social judgment on you and your kids if you play act." That's sweet.

When are people going to recognize that religion - all religion - sucks and is a horrible influence on people's judgement?

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At 16/3/08 1:27 am, Blogger Maakuz said...

I found reality about 3 years ago, after being UFOs and ghosts are all around us nut. During the rationalizing process, I discovered a group called "Freethinkers of Helsinki" (I live in Finland). I thought it´s great that atheists have a local group, but why do they all themselves freethinkers??

Never being religious person myself, I thought that religion was about old people singing in a church once a week and thats it.

Well, I figured out the free-thinking-part the rude way- I went to see my brother get baptised at the local hallelujah-center, and witnessed in awe that lots and lots of people, old and young, were singing and praising the ceiling (that´s all I saw). I joined the Freethinkers of Helsinki the very next day.

Wouldn´t it be fair to teach kids proven science up until they´re 18, and THEN tell them about how this invisible being created everything? Instead of telling them from birth that JEEEEzus died because of us, and you go to HELL unless you THINK the way WE want.

Something is twisting in my stomach...

At 16/3/08 10:41 am, Blogger vjack said...

I couldn't help thinking while reading this post that Jewish extremism is something that receives almost as little attention in the media as Christian extremism. The difference is that Jewish extremism is also largely ignored in the atheist blogosphere. I wonder why? Seems like we could all write more posts like this one.

At 16/3/08 9:02 pm, Anonymous cameron said...

It's kind of a different kind of insanity. It's like an insanity against themselves rather than some kind of insanity pressed onto other people outside of Hasidic Judaism. All things being considered, it's a better kind of insanity... maybe? That might be why you don't get much about Jewish fundamentalists, because they stay away from proselytizing or telling other people they're wrong usually.

At 20/3/08 5:42 pm, Blogger Jim Wright said...

And speaking of religious insanity, Mike, what's your take on this?

You can find my comments on my blog, but they're probably pretty much the same as yours. Fucking retards.


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