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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Leroy Can Still Teach Us All

I was at work the other day and the TV was on in the clinic. It was showing an old episode of Fame that caught my attention because of the content; the show was from season five of the series and was called A River to Cross and was about Ms. Sherwood's stage production of Huck Finn.

One of the black students decided that the play was a, "piece of crap" and that it was racist, so it should be protested and pulled. The ensuing controversy took over the school and the argument over censorship went into full swing.

There's a great scene where Leroy and the student are having a heated discussion and Leroy says that the book tells the truth and that to pretend that in Twain's time that Blacks and Whites were treated equally, then we're just pretending to make ourselves feel better.

The student says, "What's wrong with makin' us feel good?"

Leroy replies, "Your brain could die."

Pretty much sums up all the religious niceties, eh? You can look at the world as it is with lumps and all and try to deal with it as best you can, ooooorrrr you can make up a bunch of silly shit to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Oh School of Performing there nothing you can't show us in 43 minutes of dancing and singing?

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