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Monday, April 07, 2008

Denyse O'Leary - No One Does It Worse

You know, for someone who proclaims that she's a "journalist", Denyse O'Leary is painfully stupid and horribly, terrifically, tragically unaware of how to read and interpret a basic sentence. Take her recent post supposedly poking a hole in Richard Dawkins' statement in the shitfest movie that is Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (a wonderfully apropos title).

She says his position that they are "lying for Jesus" is "wearing thin" in light of what he said in the movie, which she quotes from this blog article - another painfully stupid attempt to link religion and atheism, say that "freedom" is somehow being oppressed, and that Ben Stein is some sort of hero. Here's the Dawkins quote:
Mr. Dawkins responds by laying out the "intriguing possibility" that life may have come into existence elsewhere in the universe and that this unknown intelligence seeded life on earth.
Hm. I don't see anything there that suggests supernatural involvement. Life may have come into existence, evolved there and then seeded Earth via some planetary collision or meteor impact sending dust/organic matter along for the ride to Us. How the hell are these IDiots missing the crux of what Dawkins is saying so completely?

Well, O'Leary only links to her own work five times in this piece - down from her usual twenty-seven. The links are, again, painful to read because of the oversimplification and reliance on irrelevant asides (check out the bit on "retraction" in this piece for the definition of "non-sequitor"...and while we're at it, maybe O'Leary should look up the difference between how scientists define the word theory and how the general public and IDiots define the same. Might be enlightening, but I doubt it).

One day these morons might have something intelligent to say, but until then they'll just keep putting the word "Intelligent" in their movies and ideas. That always makes me think of the hilarious irony that the idea of "Intelligent Design" relies on everyone saying, "This problem of life originating on Earth is R E A L L Y hard....soooo ....let's not work on it and just say that God Did It, ok?"

"No Intelligence Allowed", indeed.

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At 7/4/08 11:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. It's hilarious that she thinks of herself as some big-shot journalist when she can barely string two coherent sentences together.

And of course she can't go more than a paragraph without a "There's no evidence for Darwinism", but has yet to offer a scrap of evidence for her own position (other than READ MY BOOK).

It's interesting to note that over at Uncommon Descent that eve the most loyal sycophants are getting fed up with her; she recently wrote about Baylor and some silly anti-Christian conspiracy that she made up (even after admitting she's never even stepped a foot into Texas). But that all rather misfired when a couple of people actually at Baylor pointed out that she was completely over-reading and exaggerating.

Actually, I think she's the best think to happen to ID. With her mouthing off every other day, ID doesn't need enemies. And of course Dembski is too dense to see that she does more harm than good. Besides if he fired her, it would be nowhere near as entertaining!

At 8/4/08 11:55 am, Blogger Paul said...

Denise is indeed a twit of the first order. I haven't visited her blog in a while, and I see she has disabled comments. Isn't it odd how all of these creationists don't allow dissenting opinions on their blogs? It must be like living in an echo chamber where the only opinions they here are their own.

At 8/4/08 3:07 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently O'Leary said over at UD that she's closed down comments because of all the abuse she's received (apparently people dared to call her a 'liar').

The irony is so thick here isn't it - here she is, complaining bitterly about ID not being invited to the party, and she doesn't even have the guts to allow a real discussion of the issues. Apparently she is "too busy" to filter the comments, although she seems to find plenty of time to post on an endless number of blogs (which all say the same thing).

What galls me about her is that she can never admit she's wrong - even when her own side catches her in a lie (which seems quite frequent lately, such as the Baylor fiasco), she doesn't have the humility or grace to admit it.

I've posted comments on her blog several times (nicely of course) and tried to engage with her to discuss honest, evidence-based questions about ID - but the truth is she is not only unwilling to engage at this level, but I honestly think her grasp of science is so poor that she's really unable.

And calling herself a 'journalist' is really a joke - a real journalist would present both sides of an issue in an unbiased, even-handed way. Instead O'Leary clearly lets her religous beliefs influence her writing - so that the end her writing is really mostly a bunch of polemic emotion-laden assertions, devoid of any facts - let alone acknowledging that there is another side to the story.

But as somebody pointed out, ID couldn't have a better spokesperson if they tried!

At 8/4/08 6:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's the latest from O'Leary over at UD:

This is so typical of her writing. You read it and at the end of it you can't help think -what the fuck was that all about? Half of it doesn't even make sense. Did she actually have a point, or is it just her normal regurgitated polemic about the evils of Darwinism?

Somehow in her twisted little mind, she thinks that she is making a logical case. I've never read anything of hers that isn't completely hyperbolic or has any real substance, that isn't completely one-sided, and that isn't written with an obvious (religious) bias. And she calls herself a JOURNALIST???

At 9/4/08 2:22 pm, Blogger salomedesade said...

For the "intelligent design" lobby, "unknown" seems to equal "supernatural" when of course it doesn't.
The worst thing about this so-called "journalist"? Her name is dangerously close to that of the great comedian Denis Leary.


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