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Monday, April 21, 2008

Kill a Kid for a Job

Ok, so it's been a while. Not too much has happened that was either infuriating or up my interest alley recently (aside from the recent UFC where GSP won his title back! Go GSP!), plus life just gets in the way of my blogging.

All that changed today when I read an article about the country of Gabon, where brain-dead government wannabes kill children in order to have better luck in possibly being appointed to a cushy corrupt government job. The next time someone says to you, "oh, it's just a silly belief...what harm can it do?", hand them this article and slap them in the face.

The deal is that rituals are performed with the organs (they're sometimes eaten or made into "magic" amulets) and the blood. You know, "black magic". Whenever I hear that term I think of the movie True Lies when the good guys have their meeting to talk about the bad guy and the presenter says that the Head Bad Guy calls himself the "Sand Spider". The Good Guy Head Honcho asks why and the presenter says, "Probably because it sounds scary." Seriously, it boggles my mind that we have landed probes on Mars, we can reattach a person's severed hand or change someone's heart, but there are still morons out there who think that if they eat a seven year old's spleen they'll get a better job.

Jean-Elvis Ebang Ondo, the founder of the Association to Fight Ritual Crimes or ALCR, and whose 12-year-old son was kidnapped, killed and mutilated in 2005, was quoted as saying:
Unfortunately, this practice (child ritual murder) seems to be spreading again in Gabon,
Yeah, again.

One of the main problems is, as the Human Rights Watch on Gabon for 2007 mentions, inefficient judiciary susceptible to government influence...widespread government corruption...(and) trafficking in persons, particularly children...
You can't have the people in power be above the law and able to do as they please with no recourse - actually, with positive outcomes like it states in the Star article.
But no politician has been convicted for such crimes (ritual murder of children). An attempt to prosecute a legislator from Gamba region last year failed after he claimed parliamentary immunity..."An 8-year-old girl was snatched in Ndolou department and killed in Mouila. The man allegedly responsible was a candidate to Parliament who entered the government after this crime."
How do you fight that sort of amazingly fucked up "system"?
You're missing a picture of some clown who thinks he gets magic powers by killing a small animal...seriously.  He's a douchebag.
Assheads like this guy need to be stopped. There is no "cultural relativity" or any of that, "well, they do things differently over there" bullshit. When people are killing essentially defenseless people (and, obviously, animals) for ridiculous superstitions, it's time to stop the delusion.

What a hell-hole.

2 Barbaric Yawps:

At 22/4/08 1:29 pm, Blogger King Aardvark said...

That's disturbed.

Also, that guy's a "sorcerer"? Yikes. Around these parts, you don't take seriously anyone who wears a shirt like that.

At 22/4/08 9:20 pm, Blogger BigHeathenMike said...

Yeah, truth be told, it's the shirt that offends me the most.


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