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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dear Charles McVety,

Where did you get that doctoral "degree" you love so much? I truly hope you are turned out someday so everyone can see the non-pious, fraudulent, sanctimonious motherfucker you are.

I'm so tired of these overly conservative (and Conservative) douchebags going around lying through their perfectly white teeth about stupid bullshit. Seriously, read that link.

(big tip o' the horns to the always informative Canadian Cynic)

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At 16/6/08 5:51 pm, Blogger alcari said...

Warning, long rant ahead.

Eh, people who insist to be adressed by their title, or mention their title everywhere, generally aren't worth it.

Besides, as soon I read it, I check wikipedia. When I see some doctor or proffesor discussing chemistry, evolution or physics, while they have a degree in theology, a divinity doctorate or some other non-achievement, they instantly loose credibility.

I've got a BSc in civil enginering, a BSc in physics, an MSc in theoretical physics an (hopefully) by the end of the year I'll be Dr. Alcari. But those titles don't lend a lot of weight when talking about evolution, debunking colon cleansing or basically any topic you find online, so I keep quiet.

If only these pseudo-scientists did the same, but instead they bring up their diploma-mill 'qualifications', bogus unconnected arts degrees and the like.

Personally, I blame the 'white-lab-coat-in-commercial-'scientists'' for the fact that people don't listen to good science anymore.

Besides, what's a degree worth on the internet, where you have no idea wether I'm 13 or 73?

Oh, and one piece of advice, don't even bother looking up Professors. Any brainded moron can be a teacher in some unaccredited instution and legally call himself professor.


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