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Friday, July 04, 2008

Dear Charles McVety...

Fuck you.

Now how did I know that "Dr." Charles McVety would open his ignorant, misogynistic mouth about Dr. (note no quotes) Henry Morgentaler's induction to the Order of Canada? See, if you don't know, McVety is the head of the asshole group, the Canada Patriarchy Action Coalition, a watchdog group of fuckholes who make it their business to mess with your business - especially if you happen to be a woman.

If I may, from Jack Holland's great book, Misogyny: The World's Oldest Prejudice:
It is not hard to imagine how much of a challenge this was to the prevailing order where subordination of women was part of the divine plan, and a model of the very structure of the cosmos. The idea that women could escape what is deemed their biological fate remains for some an affront to what they believe is God or Allah's grand design and has been fiercely opposed over the centuries. The churches would cry out against the use of chloroform to ease the pangs of childbirth in the nineteenth century...: conservative Catholics and fundamentalist Protestants would campaign sometimes with violence against contraception and abortion in the twentieth.
And here we are once again listening to the bronze-age throwbacks demanding backwards steps be taken to "restore Judeo-Christian values".

Fuck your values and fuck you with them.

We've moved past you and your ilk. In the article, the dumbasses say that:
Henry Morgentaler's conduct is unbecoming that of a member of the Order of Canada and thereby tarnishes all recipients of this tremendous award...
and all the while, McVety calls himself "Dr." - even though if you read the above link, he's lying about it. The only thing we should ever listen to McVety about is how to best be a sanctimonious little lying fucker.

Oh, and here's another brief quote from Holland's great book: the Soviet Union, in 1936, just sixteen years after abortion had been legalized, it was banned under Joseph Stalin. To say Stalin like Hitler before him was pro-life is perhaps to miss the point. What is more important is what both have in common with today's so-called "pro-life" movement in the United States: they are all anti-choice, believing that a woman's right to control her own fertility must be subordinated to goals more important than any notions she may have of her autonomy. That in itself is a form of contempt.
Somehow I don't think this book was on McVety's reading list in any classes he didn't take at his non-existent college. Charles seems to have the attitude shown in Misogyny and common in religious circles that:
...when it comes to having a baby, a woman's consent is not necessary and that once made pregnant, accidentally or not, her own will is rendered irrelevant.
McVety doesn't seem to realize that abortion is just like prostitution and alcohol and drugs in at least one respect - people are always going to get them, regardless of the legality of them. If he had his wish and all abortions were made illegal, all it would do would be to force women directly into the hands of unsafe, backstreet abortionists or actual doctors who are willing to stand up for women's rights and illegally perform safe procedures.

Congratulations to Dr. Henry Morgentaler on his deserved induction to the Order of Canada.

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At 5/7/08 11:42 am, Blogger Paul said...

The irony of both Hitler and Stalin being anti-abortion is just too delicious. It would make both of them Republicans in good standing and highly electable to the Religious Right.

I can't wait to use this on some unsuspecting fundie.


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