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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Away for a Spell, Plus a Bit of a Rant

Ok, so I've been slack. Very slack. It's just a bit of an uninspiring time for writing and what with the Montauk "monster" being the most...interesting(?) thing that's been going on, well, let's just say that it's been a slow news/religion month.

I had a decent piece on the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy's little hissy fit, but that whole "Crackergate" bullshit is just so old and annoying to me now that it makes me want to have 15 beers every time I think of it.

I also said to a commenter that I would post a list of things that I could witness/hear about that would make me question my beliefs. I have been writing a post about that topic, but my list is pretty standard stuff: a fossil legitimately found in a place it just shouldn't be (the ol' "rabbit in the Cretaceous" suggestion); a real, unexplainable miracle à la a severed limb growing back or a confirmed dead person coming back to life; or perhaps a scientifically unexplainable happening like the entire sky turning purple with polka dots and "Believe in me." in giant black comic sans font letters carved into the atmosphere. That'd get me to question my beliefs.

The thing is, I'm willing to be wrong about pretty much anything because all our knowledge is tentative. It's all on a pedestal until something better comes along. Religion doesn't even want to put itself near the shooting gallery that is scientific inquiry, regardless of the fact that there are definite claims within religions that are testable.

I've said this before, but there are some good things about religions, but they are good things that you could get easily from other places without all the stupid shit that tags along for the ride. That's basically my entire argument against religion. Well, that and religions generally are just silly and demand respect that they don't deserve. That's pretty goddamn annoying.

Ok, it's breakfast time.

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At 7/8/08 9:10 am, Anonymous monique said...

I think it's interesting how the faithful encourage atheists to question their beliefs but get offended when told to question theirs. I think some of them never learned how. What they learned instead were catch-all phrases like "God did it to test us!" and "It's God's will!" and other automatic responses that have been drilled into them since they learned how to talk.

On the topic of scientific inquiry, Spanish Inquisitor has a good entry today - - about praising scientists for their hard work rather than giving all the credit to god. It's too bad some people would rather give to credit to god for everything humans do (unless it's something bad).

At 9/8/08 1:38 pm, Blogger God's Soldier said...

yes I still read your blog even though I'm Christian. Is Chaos kid around? I would hate for him to come out and tell me I'm a crappy Christian. Hey Chaos Kite! Search for Elect and Called in the Bible and see what you find. I find it amusing that he picked the bone you laid out for me. I don't like fighting with my fellow Christians but sometimes it's difficult not to. I like you Mike cause your a rascally feller. Peace, and Jesus loves you. Oh Monique, I wasn't brain washed. I was twenty four when I became a Christian.

At 9/8/08 2:19 pm, Anonymous mikekoz68 said...

Well said. When I first came across whygodhatesamputees website I thought it was kinda silly. But upon reflection it speaks volumes- prayer routinely cures blindness, deafness but never, EVER, restores limbs. Surely this would be simple for an all powerful god, when are we going to grow up?

At 11/8/08 10:26 pm, Blogger SteveG said...

When Christians tell me I need to be open-minded and question my beliefs, because of my personal history, I can tell them, "I am open-minded, and I have questioned my beliefs. I used to be a Christian, in fact, I used to be a creationist, and when I studied the details of the issues I realized that my beliefs were wrong, so I rejected them." That's why I'm an atheist now.

At 12/8/08 2:45 pm, Anonymous Sean said...

It's difficult to keep writing about the religious whack-jobs, since it's like a scratched record that's been looping for the past 4000 odd years.

If I was in Canadia I'd buy you a beer for some inspiration.

Steveg, glad you joined us in the rational world!

At 19/8/08 11:59 pm, Anonymous Karen said...

Hi Mike,
I just discovered your blog and I realize I'm contributing to an old discussion... but I just can't help it, you've piqued my sense of humor. Could you really believe in a god who wrote in Comic Sans across the sky?

In a month I have a field trip to look at Mesozoic rocks in southern California. I'll keep an eye out for rabbit bones (but I think my chances are pretty poor :-).


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