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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You'd Have Thought The Gods Would Have Helped Out...

Apparently, the gods hate Hindus. I guess one collapse with life-taking stampede just wasn't enough though because:
...this is the fourth time this year that lives had been lost - probably needlessly - during a stampede at a religious festival in India.
That's right, the fourth time this year. I haven't even zipped my dick in my jeans fly four times in the last decade, let alone been trampled to death. Damn.

This particular tragedy took place during the festival of Navaratra which is:
...a festival of nine days occurring during the month of Asin, or Aśvina (September–October). It usually ends with the dasehra, or daśahara, celebration on the 10th day. (from Britannica online)
Now, I don't want to belittle or make fun of people being injured. Really. It sucks balls that a bunch of people died and hundreds more were injured for no reason whatsoever. It does, however, raise a question in my tiny brain though about the effectiveness of the sort of "medicine" Douchepak Chumpra slings. I mean, if what he preaches is all that and a bag of sour-cream and onion Ruffles, why do I read this:
With no first aid available at the scene, people tried desperately to resuscitate the unconscious as others scooped up bodies and took them to hospital.
Right, to the hospital. So if Chumpra's silly Ayurveda was of any more use than, say, fake titties on a coffee table, people would actually use it in times of crises. I'm reminded of something someone said once: "People can believe in whatever nonsense they want, but it says a lot that in poor places, when the Red Cross tent sets up, it's always crowded."

Religion and poor planning claim more lives. Needlessly. Anyone still keeping tabs? There's really no point, so just go have a Coke and a smile. But, you know, thanks for the effort.

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